middle school love?

Sofia thinks she has everything figured out. Until she gets moved into a different class where she thought she didn't know anyone. She soon beings to catch felling for her bestfriend's boyfriend. Not to mention she has boyfriend. See how much will this situation hurt her and the people she cares about.

Alan has a crush on Sofia and uses her Bestfriend to get close to her, but he might have bite of more then he can chew.


1. i know you!


I didn't know it yet, but what was about to happen changed my life forever...

"Thats enough you two go to homework helpers for two weeks" Mrs.Sandy was yelling at us agian, like always only this time it was serious. Great I was going to be stuck with people that I don't know. At least I wasn't going to be alone. Jamileeth, my bestfriend, was coming with me. Thank God!

"Let's goooo!" Jamileeth kept bugging. She's a flirt and probably saw some cute guy. I didn't care, I had my guy. Jonathan, he happens to be my first boyfriend actually. I'm in 7th grade. You see before me and Jonathan started dating he was my best friend! I didnt want to ruin that friendship, but as always Jamileeth got in it and asked him out for me. I'll get her back just wait. But don't get me wrong I'm glad Jonathan's the best. I'm going to mary him one day just you wait! I snapped back to reality when I heard the teacher. "Follow me ladies." Are you serious? We need two teachers to wall us to some stupid class? We walked in and I had no idea who these people were. Ok, OK, Jami where are we going to sit- I turned around and notice I was talking to myself. Where is Jami at? I began to look around the class room then I saw her, on the other side of the room. Yup, that's right flirting with some guy. As I walked over to her people were staring as if i just killed somebody. I hate attention. Jami don't ever leave me again I don't know none of these people!

"So you don't know me?"

That voice sounded so familiar. I tuned around and there he was, JUAN CARLOS! My 5th Grade buddy!

"Of course I remember you!"


Ok, listen I hate school. I'm pretty smart but I hate doing my work, so my mom thinks I need help. Now I'm stuck taking an extra class after school. It's so boring, but today something interesting happened. Our teach announced to us that two new girls were coming. To my surprise I knew both of them. Jamileeth and Sofia. I know Sofia since elementary but I doubt she remembers me and I meet Jamileeth this year. As soon as Jamileeth saw me she came over and started flirting. Don't get me wrong shes pretty but she's just to easy I wanted a challenge. Sofia, she's like really shy I don't think I've ever had a conversation with her. As she made her way over to Jamileeth I admire her. She's so cute. Her eyes are carmel brown but her smile, her smile makes everyone smile. She began to talk to Juan Carlos since they went to the same 5th grade class. I hope I'll get to meet her more but for now I was stuck with Jamileeth. Jamileeth was going off about something but to be honest I wasn't listening. Juan Carlos cut her off.

"Jamileeth do you jack off?"

"Yes, wait no I don't what that means!"

With that we all laughed. How dumb can this girl could be? I turned around and asked Sofia for help on some homework. I understood it just an excuse you, get me? Anyways as she was explain the whole P.E.M.D.A.S shit her phone vibrated. She reached for her phone and right away she had the biggest smile on her face. What could she be smiling about?


I was helping that one kid with his math homework when my phone began to vibrate

FROM: Jonathan: Hey Baby just wanted to see what you doing later?

TO: Jonathan: That I know of, nothing babe.

FROM: Jonathan: Great let's go to dairy queen on me (;

TO: Jonathan: Okay!(: See you soon babe.

FROM: Jonathan: Okay Beautiful see you soon Love ya!

I looked up and Jamileeth was flirting with that one kid. I Think she really likes this guy. ALAN! She screamed. Alan! Alan? I know that name. Wait I know who he is now! He went to my elemenary school! We messed around for the rest of the class. Alan and me started trying to see who can get more pictures of one another. He tried getting me but I kept hiding behind Jamileeth. He caught me though while I was putting lotion on and so slapped him with my hand full of lotion. OMG I can't believe I did that. I barley know this kid. "I'm So Sorry!" But he just laughed and wiped the lotion off his face. I noticed that Jamileeth looked a bit jealous. I got the awesome idea to hook them up! I took his phone and typed in my number and I changed his wallpaper to a picture he had took of Jamileeth. The bell ringed and I quicky ran out the door to meet my boyfriend.  


Sofia slapped me with lotion. It hurt but I like her so I just laughed while she freaked out. While I was taking off the lotion she took my phone and did who knows what on it. The bell ringed and She quickly gave me my phone and ran out the door. As she was running i screamed Wait! But she didn't hear me. Man I forgot to get her number. I looked at my phone and it had a picture of Jamileeth as the wallpaper. Great she must think I like her Bestfriend. Then to my surprise I saw that she had saved her number! Yes! I quickly texted her

To SOFIA(: Hey I just found out you put your number in lol

From SOFIA(: Oh Wow(x Hey I gtg text you later.

To SOFIA(: K. Later I still smell like you btw lol.

The walk home was long. All I could think of was Sofia. Was she ok? Why did she run out? Man, am I really crushing already? I got home and I began to go through the pictures we took in class. I got a few from Sofia. How in the world am I ever going to make her mine? I feel asleep waiting for her text that never came.

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