a night to love you.

Macy is a nerd. a big one. she gets bullied by a group of boys. but this particular boy , has a crush on her. why dose he bullies her? you ask , well that's not my story to tell.


4. chapter 2

  ~~~ 4 years later ~~~

I groaned as my books hit the floor for the fifth time followed by a chorus of 'nerd' or 'freak' hanging in the air like a bubble someone forgot to pop.

 "hey, chica " zoey said coming up behind me "hey " I mumble shoving books into my bag

  " hey don't be down , today is the last day of school until summer and todays over " she explains "plus " she added in a whisper " I think David's got the hotts for you " we exeted the torture building and thanked god that was my last year hear . Next is collage and this will all be over.

 " so " she said pulling her board from the rack " what you got planed for today ?"

 " I start my job again Starbucks today remember " I say " and you work too " I added helpfully.

 "boo " she added dully as we raced down the side walk towards my house. " mace watch ou...! " she tried exclaiming before I ran into something . more like some one .

 "ouch " I whimper as the scolding hot coffee pours down my head. " sorry about that " I waver pulling the person up "no problem ... Macy ?" he exclaims. I look up into his green eyes and take off running , jumping on my board a few sprints later and roaling down the street yelling at zoey to follow.


 I collapse on my bed face first , burrowing my face in the pillow as zoey asks the question that was on both our minds  

" what was that ?"

 " I don't now zo I really don't know " I answer sitting up from the pillow and going over to my walk in closet and pull out my uniform for Starbucks witch consisted of a light grey girl fit top and a mocha colored hat with jeans and vans.

 " then who was that " she questioned pulling on her uniform she kept hear.

 "some one familiar" I answer quickly . no one knows that I befriended harry for three years in secret. no one. I bet he even forgot me , with his boy band success.


 I chatted with zoey as we walked the half block to Starbucks . as soon as we walked in the aroma of coffee and teas hit my nose and I breathed deeply. I love my job. I walked behind the counter and called to Dan(the manager ) that I was hear and waited thinking of the boy I aw earlier .what was he back in holms chapel for ? . the jingling of the bell brought me away from my thinking as I plastered on a smile. and looked to see Liam standing their with harry right behind him.

 " see, Liam I did see her !" harry exclaims pointing to me

 " Macy ? " Liam questions . I didn't want to lye to the boys but I want them to forget me so "no, who's Macy?"










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