a night to love you.

Macy is a nerd. a big one. she gets bullied by a group of boys. but this particular boy , has a crush on her. why dose he bullies her? you ask , well that's not my story to tell.


3. chapter 1

 dear reader,

 I trust in you to guard this book with your life, because within its pages holds mine. I tell you my life story , dear reader starting with a warm august day in my freshman year of high school . this day changed my life forever ...     


 Macys p.o.v 

 I breathed deeply as I was washed in a sea of purple lockers and cream colored walls, it smelt of floor polish and dry erase markers. gross. kicking up my board I look for her . now if I could only see the blond...


 I turn to my left to see my best friend zoey  step off her skateboard and adjusted her bun on the top of her head , and pull up her thick black prescription glasses .( that look almost exactly like mine ) I takes one look at her to know that she used plan "a" of getting rid of bullies. snooze or lose. she walks up to me and we scan the crowd , looking for people that where supposed to show us too our classes . I cant find them , so we jus walk in together chatting like old friends do. the big cherry wood doors slam open and i see a mop of curls poke its way through the crowd. I cringe in distaste as the, very tall, boy walks up to me and slams my books to the cold freshly waxed marble floor. 'a great way to star the day ' I think to my self as me a zoey start to pick up my books.

" sorry about him," a boys voice sais " he hasn't been the same since his mum died" he bend down to pick up my books with me, as I see zoey get up and walk off smirking.

 he hands me all of my things and  sais

 " hi I'm Liam "

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