1D Imagines

Just random imagines I think of. If you decide to use any of my imagines please credit me. If you would like a personal imagine don't hesitate to ask. Just let me know what guy you want in the imagine.! Love you guys!(: .xx



2. Harry Imagine

You were just on your way out of your flat to head to school to meet up with your boyfriend and your friend Harry Styles at school. You have been friends with Harry since you both were younger so you guys were always their for each other. You only lived a block away from the school so it wasn't that long of a walk. You just reached the school and you noticed your boyfriend and he was talking to another girl and she wasn't just any girl it was the head cheerleader Kristina Moore. They were both laughing at every little thing they did. This made you tear up. You tried holding your tears back but then he leaned down and kissed her. That was enough for you. You let your tears fall as you went to turn around you vision was blurry because of your tears and you ran in to someone. "(y/n)? What's wrong?" the mysterious person said. You looked up and saw your best friend Harry looking down at you worried. He braces you in a hug and walks you out of the school to his black Range Rover. He opened the passenger door and let you in then went around the front of the car and got in the drivers seat and turned and looked at you. "Please tell me what's wrong (y/n)?" Harry asked. "M-my boyfriend was with Kristina Moore the head cheerleader talking then they just kissed." you replied through sobs. "I knew he wasn't the guy for you (y/n). I am really sorry that arsehole did that to you. He doesn't deserve you. He just lost the worlds most beautiful, gorgeous, and funniest girl to walk this Earth." Harry replied with a slight blush as he looked away. By now your tears were slowly going away. You looked at Harry and Harry turned back to meet your eyes and he sees your eyes look into his emerald green eyes that he knows you love and then he sees your eyes flicker down to his lips and you slowly bite your bottom lip still staring at him. Then all of a sudden Harry crashed his lips to yours and you didn't hesitate to kiss him back. You have waited to do this for a while but you were scared it would ruin both of your friendship. Once you both pulled away to take a breath, Harry whispers "I have waited so long to do that." You giggled replying, "Me too. But I didn't want to ruin our friendship." "Our friendship could never be ruined (y/n). I love you. I love you so much (y/n)." Harry said. With that you both shared one more long and passionate kiss.

(A/N: Hello everyone that reads these imagines! I really hope you all like these. I would really love it if you all would comment and let me know what you all think of my imagines. It would mean a lot to me if you would also fan me. If you want to talk then Kik me 1D5SOSVamp95 (: I love you all. Also thank you to those that already follow.)


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