Kidnapped with 1D (Harry Styles fan-fic)

I was walking home and then I felt like I was being watched……. I turned around and there standing right in front of me was a tall kid about my age and he was pretty damn cute…..that was until what he did next he grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back 'HELP!' I screamed but he put a cloth over my mouth and I breathed in not knowing what to do and then everything went black…..


2. Meeting the boys.



Angel's (POV)


I started to wake up and I looked around and it looked like a van. I was sitting in between something I looked up and Harry Styles was who was above me I thought he was the kidnapper till I saw his mouth taped shut and his hands tied. He gave me a sympathetic look. I was sitting in between his legs.

I saw that the other boys were here to and so were their girlfriends. I started to cry and plead that someone would help us. The van stopped and the door opened they dragged me out by my feet along with another girl. Louis and Harry started to squirm so she must be Eleanor, but why is Harry squirming I'm nothing special.

They dragged me into a house and I started to scream but, it was muffled by the tape. I was thrown into a basement and their was only one bed along with a little lamp. The Harry was thrown in after me. 'Figure out a way to get out of those yourselves!' the guy yelled.

I looked around and saw something on the floor near me. It was a knife. I used my foot and grabbed it and Harry was behind me. I felt around for the ropes on his hands and cut them off and he took the tape off of mine and his mouth then he took the knife and cut the ropes on my wrist. 

 I just sat there terrified and unable to speak. 'Are you ok, what's your name?' Harry asked me. I was about to answer but that guy came back. I then recognized him it was a member of the wanted. Nathan. 'I See you guys got out of that rope.' he laughed.

'I need a girl to beat.' he said evilly he looked at me smirked. He came over a grabbed my arm. 'Stop! Please just let me go!' I screamed. He slapped me across the face. 'Let her go what has she done.' Harry said grabbing me back and putting me behind him protectively. 'She's pretty what else?' he said still having that stupid smirk plastered on his face.

He left surprisingly. I couldn't take it anymore I fell to the ground and cried. Before I fell Harry caught me and sat me in his lap he hugged me. 'Hey it's ok, he won't hurt you I promise.' he said. I looked up at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. 'Thank you so much!' I cried.

'Your welcome, what is your name love?' he asked. 'A-A-Angel.' I stuttered. 'That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.' he said kissing my cheek. 'Why are you being so nice to me, I'm nothing special.' I mumbled the last part. He obviously heard me cause he responded. 'That's not true you are special, what make you think your not?' he asked. 'Because no one cares for me, I am an only child and my parents beat me and always say how i'm just a mistake, how I wasn't even supposed to be here.' I said still crying.

'Well people do care for you, and I'm one of them now.' he said smiling and cupping my cheek while wiping them off with his thumb. I hugged him again and fell asleep after that…..



​Author's note: YES, I decided to do another fan-fic andI don't have anything against the wanted but I thought it needed to be someone you would possibly know!!! BYE!!!!

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