Best Song Ever

Keelan and her best friend Hannah are watching their boyfriends on stage preforming a concert. When suddenly she sees Niall Hannah's boyfriend winks at her


3. What Should I Do ??????

                                                          :1 MONTH LATER:

I was helping Hannah pack because she was going away with her family to Australia for 2 weeks.I drove her to the airport and gave her the BIGGEST HUG EVER I was going to miss her so much she was my best friend as the plane flew away I called Harry.Harry came over I told him we can watch some movies since the weather was really gloomy.We watched my favorite film Oliver.Then we had popcorn and ordered a pizza it was the perfect night in.I really wanted to tell Harry but I knew I shouldn't he would kill Niall and I didn't want to start a fight.I noticed Harry would be very nervous around me lately,when I would lean in to kiss him he would turn away and if I was frightened and snuggle into him he would move away.What was happening was I just not good enough for him ? Was he hiding something from me?.I just didn't know what to do.The next day I called Hannah on Skype and in the blink of an eye she answered.Hannah was doing the same thing as Harry she looked so nervous like she had to tell me something.I asked her what was wrong with her she immediately said nothing nothings wrong. why?.We Skyped for another while when Hannah went to the bathroom  I heard Harrys voice on Hannah s side shouting hey babe then I saw Harry on my screen with flowers.I gasped.HARRY WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH HANNAH.She never went away to Australia she just went to her parents house. How could she?.I slammed the laptop close and cried I ripped up all the photos of me and Hannah I threw out all the stuff that reminded me of her I sobbed for 3 more hours WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT????!!!!!!!.

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