Best Song Ever

Keelan and her best friend Hannah are watching their boyfriends on stage preforming a concert. When suddenly she sees Niall Hannah's boyfriend winks at her


6. This is the story of our life

                                                       :5 YEARS LATER:

Me and Harry have been married 5 years we have a two year old daughter . I'm 24 and Iove life you know if you keep trying at something you failed at you will eventually succeed  I mean that happened to me I wanted to know if Harry was cheating and nobody would answer me but I kept trying and know look I found out and we are married and have a little daughter.To be honest I don't think my life is that interesting Its normal.Oh yeah and Hannah she lives in America now we live in UK we talk everyday and she is coming to visit soon I assume my daughter would like to see her godmother.And I my little daughter her name is of course Hannah







I hpe you enjoyed like and give some feedback and im not really 24 im 11 and follow me on



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