She Will Be Loved

This romantic story is about Rose...
She has always been judged about her parents, since they were the richest people in town. Everyone at Hines High mistreats her and it's kind of crazy because isn't the rich girls supposed to have the largest clique? So one marvelous thing happened one day, a handsome new boy had came to their school, Taylor. But one thing that she doesn't know is that someone made a fake social media profile and had been being rude and hateful to other people. Rose knows nothing, but come on and read her adventure to see who is doing this to her!


1. The "Rich Kid"

Rose was beautiful and intelligent girl, she had everything a young sixteen sophomore could possibly want she had a car, stylish clothes, a mansion, food, and most of all loving parents. Her mother and father did everything dear Rose wanted, Rose was always very grateful for what she had. But she was always ignored at her school, people treated her like crap.. all because she was the rich girl. But in her eyes that really didn't matter.. why? Why in the world would she get judged just because she had more money than some of the other teens at her school. But she really didn't pay much attention to all of that bull. At least she had one good friend Alicia that went to another school across town. They always were their for each other and no matter what they stood together through any fight.

"Honey it is time for you to get your butt up and get downstairs" Mrs. Gonzales yelled from the kitchen.

"Yes Mother I will be down in a minute or two" replied Rose.

So Rose had gotten off her feet and went to the bathroom, she was on her period so she had to change her pad. After she completed that not so wonderful task she went to the sink and washed her hands. She had gotten her toothbrush and toothpaste, she began to brush her teeth. As she brushed her pearly whites she could taste the mint on her tongue as she breathed in she told herself that she was going to be strong and wasn't going to let the people who disliked her get in her way. After she accomplished what she had to do she went to her closet and picked out something to wear.

She picked out an amazing dress with golden heels for school today. Peach color and white was the colors of her beloved dress, where the breast was where she can the white and down was the peach. When she would walk, it would wave around gracefully.

So as Rose picked out what she was going to where, her phone buzzed.. it was her best friend, Alicia. If had read, "Good morning beautiful :)" she had suddenly smiled and laid her iPhone 5s on her messy bed. Rose went downstairs and sat down and told her mother she loved her.. She jut sat there awhile until the clock struck 7:20 AM. The current time was 7:12 AM.

"So sweetie is anything getting better with people at school?"

"Sadly... No, but I could care less." Rose said without being ashamed.

"I just don't get why people would dislike my baby, it bothers me honey." her mother said.

"Please mom don't go to the school and complain, I don't want people to hate me even more." Rose complained.

"Ok, but if anything happens tell me!" Her mother had said.

"Well, I guess I'll be going..." Said Rose awkwardly.

"Ok Dear, be safe and I love you" Mrs. Gonzales said dearly.

"I love you too, Mom" Rose replied. So Rose headed her way outside and looked outside for awhile. She loved the way the breezy wind went across her face. She stood and admired the palm trees as it swayed back and forth. So after that awkward moment she had, Rose had started to walk to her car when she was this handsome guy drive by in his truck. She had never seen him before but she didn't really pay it any attention. So after she had seen him she had entered her car. When she had sat down she smelled her mango car freshener, smiled, and checked her phone for a quick second, after checking her messages from Alicia, so it would say read. She cranked up her white Venza Xle. Then she headed out her drive way and started off to school.

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