She Will Be Loved

This romantic story is about Rose...
She has always been judged about her parents, since they were the richest people in town. Everyone at Hines High mistreats her and it's kind of crazy because isn't the rich girls supposed to have the largest clique? So one marvelous thing happened one day, a handsome new boy had came to their school, Taylor. But one thing that she doesn't know is that someone made a fake social media profile and had been being rude and hateful to other people. Rose knows nothing, but come on and read her adventure to see who is doing this to her!


2. Taylor Parker

So as Rose Gonzales rode down the rode to get to school, she hoped that this mess would just all go away. She also wondered who the boy was that had rode down the street. Still paying attention to the rode she turned her radio on and put the station on 104.5. She could her the beat of the song Royals come on by the teen sensation Lorde. She smiled and started to lip sing the song! She could see the trees and the bright sun as it glared on her windows.

After ten minutes or so Rose appeared at school.. She had pulled into the school campus and she could see some of the students walking into the school. When some of the teens seen her car pull in the student parking they looked and rolled their eyes like she had just murdered their beloved family. She honestly didn't care, she was done with all the crap going on around the school. In case you didn't know, Rose was brave.. she really didn't care about people's opinion on her. So what she did was ignore it because it would end up bitting them in the butt!

"Great... School!" Rose said with a sarcastic tone.

Rose had looked in the mirror and fixed her honey brown hair. Applied lip stick and had gotten out of the car. With her beautiful and graceful dress she walked into the school and prepared for her school day. Looking down to see if anything was on her, Rose was walking to her locker when suddenly she say a boy quite familiar walking down the hall. It was the boy that had driven down the rode earlier! Walking down the hall, this mysterious boy had smiled at her and kept walking. Rose had smiled also and flipped her hair. He had stopped and introduced hisself.

"Hello, I'm Taylor... Taylor Parker." He had said so manly.

"Well, Hello Taylor... I'm Rose Gonzales!" She had said with a huge smile.

"Nice, Rose. That's a very wonderful name, Oh. Yeah! I saw you when I was driving down here!" He had said.

"I saw you also, I was wondering who you were." She had said.

"Yeah... So do you know where math is?" Taylor asked calmly.

"Ya, I have it next! Follow me and I will show you." She said with her heart about to explode.

Rose and Taylor had walked together to their math class. Taylor bit his lip and smiled. Se could tell that today was going to be a great day! They had finally arrived to math class. Rose had came and took her seat. He sat right beside her in a empty seat. She couldn't help herself but to smile. She was so glad that someone for once didn't hate her. After a couple of minutes first period had begun. Mr. Clyde had started to talk geometry. How it worked and afterward he told his students to take notes on the lesson. Rose started to get her notebook when it had fallen. People started to giggle like little six year olds. But Taylor wasn't, he had gotten out of this seat and went to go help her.

"Thanks Taylor." Rose said faintly

"Oh.. No problem, I don't mind at all." He had said with a grin on his peachy face.

When they were done picking up scattered papers they returned back to their desk. He had started his notes and so did she. She was so happy that he had stepped in her life. She loved that he had blue eyes that glistened in the light. With his a smooth and cropped short around the back and sides and slicked back over his ear. In her eyes he was perfect!

First period had ended and what was surprising that Taylor and Rose had every period together and they even sat together at lunch. They day had went by fast and they had an amazing time together! At lunch all you could hear was chattering and when Taylor and Rose appeared into the lunch room everyone was surprised... surprised that Rose had someone next to her. They had walked up to the lunch line and awaited for people to get their school lunch.

When it was their time to get what they wanted, Taylor and Rose both choose the chicken breast and the macaroni and cheese. She felt that they were alike in every way! After they had gotten everything he held her hand escorted her to a random table. He was being sweet and Rose like any girl followed him.

When they two teenagers arrived at the table. She smiled at him and said...

"Thanks for sitting with me and being such a gentlemen!"

"Oh, it's fine! I'm glad I'm sitting over here with you. Rose, I was going to... to... ask for your number, only if you don't mind. Because I honestly really like you!" He said shyly.

"I'd be happy to, Taylor... I really like you too, I didn't want to freak you out." Rose said happily.

As Rose was giving her number to Taylor the bell had rang for the students to go home. She hurried and gave it to him. The arose from their seats and followed other kids to where the parking was. She was so happy that she had found someone to talk to talk to, but one thing that Rose was going to do was rub this in her best friend, Alicia's face! They both walked to their separate cars. Taylor had told her bye and Rose also did the same. Rose entered her car and when she saw that Taylor had left, she led out a loud squeal! She was so happy for herself, after being happy for a minute or two she cranked her car and headed to her house!

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