The Lost Princess


17. um a test

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Well it's been a month after Harry's birthday and I'm starting to feel nauseous a lot and like morning sickness well the boys are taking Julian to the park while me and the girls are having our relax day we were just talking when I bolted to the bathroom I threw up and I could feel someone hold my hair I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth I turned around and the girls seemed worried I walked towards the couch and El and Perrie sat on each side of me El asked " Jasmin are you sick " I turned to her and said " well I have been getting like morning sickness " Perrie asked this time " did you and Liam have sex after that Louis thing?" I looked down and said " well we did " Perrie asked " and when was that " I looked up towards Perrie and replied " on Harry's birthday when you guess went to the night club " Eleanor asked " did you guess use protection " I tryed to remembered and replied " I-I don't know " Perrie asked El " El can you go get a test really quick " El nodded and left. A few minutes later El came back and handed me the box I went to the restroom and did three test

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