The Lost Princess


19. Schools........Bullshit

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Today was the day in going to school but the good thing Harry is willing to go to school with me and we both have the same classes almost I have choir first and he has ELA first Harry drove us there and we got out I grabbed my book bag and headed in side I hugged him and he mumbled " be careful jazzy and if something's wrong text me ok " I nodded and waved good bye I entered the class and the teacher said " well hello Jasmin Tomlinson I'm mrs. Kaiser" I replied "hello " she smiled and said " you can sit down I don't have to introduce you to the class I don't want you to get notice " I smiled and I was glad I was the first one in class I took a seat in the corner by the window I was wearing a batman t-shirt with skinny jeans converse and my hair was in loos curls and I had light makeup on witch was mascara eyeliner and lip balm just then the bell rang and everyone started to flood in the room like water. This boy that was on the football (soccer) team sat next to me and there was a girl that had blonde hair and her face looked like I cake threw up on her mrs. Kaiser stood up and she said " well today class we have auditions for the solo in part of your world so get in a line and we can start " I got in line and I was the very last one after about 10 minutes it was my turn she told me to sing the line " part of your world " the last verse I stepped up and sang it then I rushed back to my seat mrs. Kaiser smiled and said " I will be announcing the solo tomorrow class dismissed. I rushed out of class and ran into Harry he asked " so how was first period " I shrugged and said " ok I guess " he nodded he hugged me and we headed to math we entered the class and the teacher welcomed us by saying it to the whole class " class this is Harry styles and Jasmin Tomlinson, Harry Jasmin I'm Mr. Smith. Have a seat " while we were walking all eyes were on us and I heard whispers like "she's ugly" "she's hot" "she's not Louis Tomlinson's sister" "are her and Harry dating" and the last one hurt "she's a whore" I sighed and sat down in the corner Harry noticed and rubbed my shoulder I gave a weak smile and started listening to the teacher

*****skip classes. At the canteen*******

Me and Harry sat outside and ate our lunch just then a whole bunch of girls came screaming and circled us they kept screaming Harry's name Harry grabbed my hand and bolted away from them. We went inside and threw our trash away and headed to our next class witch was biology we got in there and we sat in the back of the room and we were the first people in class. Just then the bell rang and everyone flooded in the room and a jock came and sat at our table he flung his arm around me and said " so you want to go on a date " I rolled my eyes and shrugged his arm off of me and said " I have a boyfriend " he snickered and pointed at Harry and said " what this pop star " Harry looked pissed I replied " no he's my best friend I'm dating someone Liam Payne" he snickered and the teacher put a dead frog in front of us and said " start dissecting the frog " the jock looked like he was going to through up I smiled and grabbed the knife and needle I slid the stomach opened and me and Harry dissected the frog the jock ran out of the room and threw up in the trash can me and Harry busted out laughing after that the bell rang signaling the end of the day. Let's just say schools......Bullshit

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