The Lost Princess


14. Public

Liam's (p.o.v.)

Well today it's me and Julian I'm taking him with me to and interview because the boys are going to be at an interview today too and the girls are going shopping Ashley is working so it's just me and Julian well I hopped out of the car and carried Julian in I put my jacket over him so he wouldn't be scared from the flashing lights there were questions like "Liam is that your son" "who is the mystery girl" "is it true Louis is cheating on Eleanor" and this question really got me pissed "Liam did you nock up a girl" I turned to the person that asked me that and said " YOU KNOW WHAT I DIDNT AND THIS ISNT MY SON AND YES I BROKE UP WITH SOPHIE AND NO LOUIS ISNT CHEATING ON ELEANOR " I could hear Julian crying I ran in side and set Julian down he looked up at me with those big brown eyes and asked " liawm who are those people and can you be my daddy and aunt jasmin be my mummy? " I was stunned he wants me to be his father and Jasmin's to be his mother I replied " um those people are people that follow me around because I'm famous and yes I'll be your father " he wrapped his tiny little arms around me and said " you are going to protect me and mummy right?" I smiled and mumbled " of course your my son and I love your mummy " I pulled back and wiped his tears away I grabbed his tiny hand and lead him to the room. When we entered the room there was this man and lady the man motioned for me to sit down they smiled at Julian the lady asked Julian " what's your name sweet heart " Julian replied " hello my names juliawn" she smiled and the man asked " so who's the boy Liam " I smiled and said " he's my son " the lady's eyes got wide and so did the mans the lady asked " w-what w-when did this happened " I looked at Julian " well he's not exactly my son he's my girlfriends nephew but his fathers gone and we adopted him " the lady smiled she looked at Julian who was fiddling with his thumbs she handed him a lolly pop and that was apparently the end of the interview. Me and Julian were in the car when I heard the radio announcer say " well looks like Liam Payne gots a gal her name is officially know in public and it looks like Louis Tomlinson has a sister too the girls name is Jasmin Tomlinson we don't exactly know her age but we will announce more when we know more details " I smiled I stopped to get some ice cream for me and Julian and headed to go see my lovely girlfriend. ;)

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