The Lost Princess


20. Pizza,Ice cream,and a jerk

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Me and Liam were walking to the super market when we went to the ice cream gallery there stood James the jerk I rolled my eyes and grabbed Liam's hand we walked towards the ice cream and James came up to us and said " well well well your cheating on your boyfriend Harry " I rolled my eyes and said " no I told you Harry's my best friend I'm dating Liam " he snickered and said " whatever slut " this really ticked Liam off he tackled James and he started punching him I pulled Liam off and whispered " please not now Julian's here " just then Julian came running with a toy in his hand cheering " DADDY MUMMY CAN I GET THIS STUFFED CARROT " James eyes got wide he smirked and ran off Liam picked up julian and said " of course buddy come on let's get the pizza and we can go home ok " Julian nodded we payed and headed home. That night we all fell asleep surrounded by mountains of pizza and ice cream while watching the toy story series my family finally :)

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