The Lost Princess


21. My Teachers My Only Friend

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and changed into a black v neck and put on Liam's jack wills hoodie and skinny jeans with black high tops I brushed my teeth ect. I grabbed my book bag and me and Harry walked to school today we got in and the bell rang I headed to choir when I got in everyone was clapping mrs. Kaiser said " congratulations Jasmin you got the solo I hesitated and said " um mrs. Kaiser I can't " she looked worried and said " well why not?" I asked " can I tell you after class " she nodded and motioned me to have a seat. I heard whispers like " hey isn't that Liam Payne's jack wills jacket " and " did you see her walk in with THE Harry styles " I sighed and sunk in my chair. The bell rang and after everyone fled from the clas mrs kaiser asked " so sweet heart what's going on " I sighed and said " that's my due date " she looked confused and asked " what due date " I sighed and said " I'm pregnant " she looked shocked and asked " sorry if this is personal but if you don't mind me asking who's the father ?" I sighed and said " The child's father is Liam Payne's " she looked shocked she took my hand and said " sweetheart I'm here for you don't worry I know it's hard your dating a pop star and your brothers a pop star AND your best friends a pop star just if you need to talk to GIRL AND NOT A BOY I'm here for you " I nodded and left for next period I would of never thought my teacher could actually be my best friend :)

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