In the Presence of Love

Miranda Summers knows tons about love but never had actually had a bf. Who knows? What if her true love is 1000 miles away.


1. Love.

I never really knew love. Just something I observed time to time. Watching couples kiss, hold hands, hug. It was all something I hadn't been apart of yet, and I was dying too be apart of it. Some days I silently watch love as it sparks right infront of my eyes.... but other times I imagine what its like. having someone to hold you when your scared, and someone too laugh with and press lips against each other. My name is Miranda, I'm only 12 and this is how I found love.

It was the beginning of a school year, one I knew would turn into hell by the third month. Me and my best friend Jessica were put in separate classes again. Ugh. Jessica was my best friend since 4th grade, and we hope are kids will either get married to each other or share the friendship we did. I started off by making friends with James Parker. I have known him since kindergarten, but we didn't really talk. In second grade I use to steel his markers and get in trouble. That all seems like a blurry haze now. Anyway we became good friends. Good enough that we sat next to each other in all are classes, shared secrets, sometimes make fun of teachers together. I felt like inside me I had the smallest crush on James, but thats when he asked out Molly Sheffield. She was a quiet sensitive girl who wasn't very popular but knew James for a while, and they were great friends as well.


I checked my text from James.


He said in bold letters. After a small conversation they were a couple in the snap of a finger, and there I was speechless, not broken hearted since I didn't really have a big crush on him in the first place. Molly was in my class. We were sort of friends but we were that kind of friendship that never really talks to each other. We just considered ourselves friends.

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