Christmas in Panem

Katniss and Peeta's children meet Santa while he's delivering the gifts in Panem.


3. Willow (POV)

It was Santa.

"What..... What are you doing?" I whispered. I didn't want to wake mum and dad.

Santa looked nervous. I think it's because we aren't meant to see him.

"I am delivering your gifts. What on earth are you doing awake?" His voice was friendly and humble.

"I never sleep well before Christmas, I get excited." Then I remembered Rye. I turned around and he was peering around the door. He stepped forward as I pointed at him. "This is my brot-"

He cut me off. "Your brother Rye, yes I know. He's five and wants a train track this year."

I looked at Rye expectantly. Was that what he wanted? I couldn't remember.

"Yeah." He squeaked and then smiled.

"Your mother, Mrs Katniss Mellark, would like some new arrows; not fancy, just strong wood. Your father, Mr Peeta Mellark, would like new piping bottles for his cake decorating." He took a moments pause. "And you, Willow, would like a bow. You want one that is as good as your mothers; one as strong and durable, that fits you perfectly."

I smiled now. This was Santa, he knew what we all wanted.

"I really must be off." He said, placing the gifts that had been in his hands this whole time under the tree.

"Owwww, do you have to?" It was Rye, whining from behind me.

"Yes. I have to deliver all of the other gifts yet." I could see his point, we must be denting his schedule.

Rye ran over to Santa and gave him a hug, both of them grinning. "Thank you Santa."

"For what dear boy?"

"For all the presents you ever gave me."

"Your welcome. Now off to bed." Rye wondered off obediently.

"And you, young Willow?" He knew I had a question.

"Why do you do all this?" I beckoned around the room.

"Christmas cheer, my dear, to make Panem a better place."

"But why? It makes no sense... Twenty-seven years ago?"

"You will have to wait and see. Just a few more years now and you will know it all."

I sighed. I didn't want to wait. I guess from what everyone had told me, I didn't have much of a choice though.

"Okay..." I gave him a hug and then went back to my room.

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