When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


10. character Description


Age: 15. ( The youngest character of the story.) 

Birthday: 27th of December. 

Description: Ginger and curly hair, blue eyes, short.

Character: Giggly, bubbly, girly, shy, quiet, desperate romantic, childlike, cry baby.

More Information: Sweet tooth, Loves pink. Loves drawing. 

Loves Christopher. 

Believes in true love and friendship. 

Self harmer. 



Age: 16. (Month older than Janey.) 

Birthday: 23rd of November. 

Description: Dark brown/ black hair, blue eyes, short 

Character: Mature, protective, supportive, friendly, strong. 

More Information: Loves reading & writing. Used to like Christopher. 

Loves food. 

Loves Jimmy. 

Doesn't want committed relationships. 

Self Harmer. 



Age: 19. (Eldest character in the story.)

Birthday: 7th of October. 

Description: Caramel blonde/ very light brown, blue eyes, Middle height.

Character: Fun, Caring (for some people), Loud.

More information: Loves his family. 



Likes Paulie. 



Age: 18. 

Birthday: 28th of November. 

Description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall. 

Character: Fun, loud, caring. 

More information: Loves food. 

Down to earth guy. 

Loves Paulie. 

Antony's best friend. 


Antony: (He'll be referred to as Anto in the story, though.) 

 Age: 17. 

Birthday: 11th of December. 

Description: Very dark brown hair colour, blue eyes, tall. 

Character: Flirty, Fun, Romantic, Caring, Shy, Sporty

More Information: Loves sport. 

Adores his baby sister. 

Seems like a tough guy but is a cutie pie in the inside. 

Loves Janey. 


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