When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


7. Chapter 6.

I don't know guys but i feel like this story is moving too fast kind of? I don't know maybe there's too much flashbacks? :/ Meh. anyways there yous go; 




Christopher. Gisty. Him. Whatever you call him I saw him. I was so happy, I was jumping around, squealing, when I realised it was him I made Paulie walk by him with me about ten times, until he would finally notice us. Guess what? He didn't. Didn't even look back, entered his house without a single word. It hurts. Knowing you're just another person out there for someone who is so fucking important for you. Knowing he would never ever feel the same way. 

"You're sad. That's bad. " Paulie says and I look at her and smile. "I am kinda sad. Its just you know there was no usual S'up Janey, or S'up moths. He is so focused on his new girl he doesn't even notice us. " I reply and she looks at me smiling sadly. "People change Janey. " she replies and I chuckle. "I know they do. Anto changed he was that adorable guy who was there every day even if it was just on the internet, he told me he loved me every single day for a week in row not missing a day, he was by my side, he was ready to do anything and then one day he just left. Just said that it's all over and fucking left. I changed too. I was that loud girl who wasn't afraid to laugh out like a horse at any moments in first year, but then she realised that the guy she likes doesn't like her. So she changed from loud to quiet, from the girl who laughed out to a girl who prefers giggling over laughing like a normal person." 

"I haven't changed for any boy.I hate that girls see that they need to change for a guy. I don't think any girl should change for a boy. If she wants to change its her own opinion, but they should always remember that they shouldn't change for a guy if she wants to change she needs to do it for herself. " She replies and I smile sadly. "Some girls don't see it as an option. I didn't. There's girls out there, who thinks they should change all the time. I dyed my hair, I changed myself, I changed my style. But I am still noticed, and sometimes I feel like the change I did already is not enough, for him." I reply and she nods. " But I haven't changed for anybody. I'm still the same Paulie. If I feel like laughing out loud I do it, If I feel like smiling I smile without forcing myself. And I know for sure that there will never ever be a guy who will make me change. " She states. 

"And I still think he likes you. " She continues and I smile down at my boots. Oh how I wish this was true. That'd make me the happiest. 

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