When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


18. Chapter 15.

Dunno why I am even updating but there it goes. -

I just wanna feel real, love. -Robbie Williams -Feel.

There has been tension between me and Paulie all day today. I don't know why it's just so obvious something happened to her and her mood but all she always replied with is : Nothing happened. 

But then nothing really happens to me she won't believe me and she thinks I don't trust her enough.Of course I trust her enough? She knows every single one of my secrets and when i say every single one of them I mean it. 

When I first cut I told her straight away and since then I told her about every single self harm scar I have, and she has always been there for me. I told her about the time I starved for three days because I didn't believe I was tiny enough for Gisty. Paulie was the one who helped me and told me no matter what size i am I am still loved and needed. 

She knows about every single time I cried over Gisty. every single thing. 

"You know I trust you." I mumble and she keeps on sipping her coffee."Sometimes it feels like you don't. "I shake my head in disbelief but decided to brush it off. "What are you thinking off right now?" I question and she looks at me. "Him." she replies and I smile a bit. "I think you's would make a cute couple. " I reply and she smiles ."Who are you hinting on right now?" She asks and I giggle a bit. "Gisty of course. I think he is the one for you. And even if he is not I have a feeling you's would have something between you's someday. " I reply and she shakes her head. 

I think thinks its him no matter how much she denies it. 




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