live with you

how would u feel when one day u came home and u mum weren't there but one direction were ? well ,shannay brown a normal girl from Brighton screamed laughed and cried .when a 19 year old girl lives with one direction something is bound to happen .and that something is drama .


3. waking up

I woke up to the sun shining. as I tried to get up I felt a pair of arms tugging tight at my waist.i turnd round .then everything came back to mum, the boys .being alone." hello love" Louis said pulling me out of my thoughts. "morning Louis "I said going down to the kitchen. I sat down on the stool .I sat there wondering what to do now .one direction were in my house I cant afford to stay here and I cant even move in with tia cause she's staying at her nan. "oh shit  I cursed. " well ur in a good mood cup cake" niall said from the stairs "I am arn't I " I replied


" so boys me and shannay and Louis  are going to the mall behave ur self and don't brake anything" tia said sternly  " yes mum" harry retorted . man hore I thought to myself .

"so girls what should we do first?" Louis said putting on some sunglasses and a hoody. "well I want to go to the food court I haven't had anything to eat". I said "ok missy calm ur tits" tia replied

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