live with you

how would u feel when one day u came home and u mum weren't there but one direction were ? well ,shannay brown a normal girl from Brighton screamed laughed and cried .when a 19 year old girl lives with one direction something is bound to happen .and that something is drama .


1. left alone but not for long

hi i'm  shannay brown I am 19 in collage ,last year i have ginger hair blue eyes and around 5 ft 7.i love nandos  and drawing. I live with my mum .my dad left when I was 9 so I have gotton used to people asking where my dad is . so back to the present . I am currently in my last lesson of the week .oh god mr. cal  better hurry up .i'm sitting next to my best friend tia patell .we have known each other since primary. "hay shannay u there" tia said waving a hand in front of my face  ."hu hay oh tia sorry just thinking" I said to her finishing my last sentence as the bell went ." well lets get going im stay round ur remember " said tia reminding me yet again . " ok lets go" I said running out of the room only to bump strait into phoebe my bully " watch were ur going slut " she spat at me .I just walked of .im used to it now she been doing it since year 7 ." well shannay lets get to my car "tia shouted to me from the end of the corridor . "comeing " I shouted back.i need a brake from school and a night with my besty is just what I need.





 " mum im home" I shouted letting me and tia in . I got no reply .I said again " mum I home " again no reply .that's strange.i told tia to make herself at home and went up stairs to her room .I opend the door and saw a note on the bed side table I picked it up and read it said 


dear shannay im sorry for this but I had to lave .im soory I have left to find your father.dont come look I have erased every trace of me .again im sorry


love mum xxx


I cant believe it .I ran down to tia crying throwing the not at her and running out to the door to the nearest park .I sat there crying for 10 minets not careing who saw me .about 10 more minets and I went back to the house to see tia in tears mum was like a second my to tia .she was in the same state as me .tia had just lost her mum and dad in a car crash and was staying with her nan .I went to the kitchen to get some water .as the tap was running I heard noises from upstairs . I turned of the tap and went up stairs .I herd a noise again but from my room . I nervously entered my room. when I saw what ,or who was in the room I just ,well I just stood there .one direction was in my room in couldn't compute my mind was going crazy I just dropped down on to my knees and burst out in to tears when tia walked in she ran to me not even noticing 5 famous boys were there. when she finally got me to stop she stared at the boys swearing under her breth . then she spoke to the very shockted boys " I think we all have a bit of explaining to do"

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