Saving Santa Claus

Christmas day was coming fast and Santa Claus was kidnapped by Jack Frost. Then James Frost, Jack Frost's unknown brother has to stop his jelous brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. He has to stop his brother from ruining Christmas!


5. James Frost To The Rescue

James set straight to work, fixing all the problems Jack Frost had caused. At first he froze time using his freezing powers. This gave him and the elves plenty of extra time to fix everything. James Frost headed to the control room to try and reboot the system. He fiddled with a few knobs and switchrs, then pressed a large green button causing all the lights and machines to power back on. Now James Frost wasn't as loud as Santa, so he shouted commands to the elves below the control room through a microphone. "Ok now, into the hamster wheels, and run as fast as you can! You ladies get sewing, first we need these reins repaired. As for the rest of you, get building and wrapping the last few presents that need doing!"

As soon as the reins were repaired, and safety checked by the elf inspectors, James Frost ran as fast as he could to the reindeer stables, where the sleigh was kept. When he arrived he dropped the reins on the floor, and began to lead the reindeer out of their stables. An angry looking elf shouted "oi, what do you think your doing! No strangers are aloud on north pole grounds! Get out of here before I report you to Santa Claus himself!" James Frost said quickly "no time to explain, Santa has been kidnapped, or shoud I say santa-napped by my sidistic younger brother Jack Frost, and if I don't get these reindeer saddled up there will be no christmas this year!" The elves said nothing more, as they quixkly rushed to buckle up the reindeer to the saddle in their correct formation. The elves all said at the samr time as one another "now what?" James Frost climbed into the massive sleigh and said "well first I load this with presents, and then I do Santa's job, before finally stopping by my brothers lair to rescue Santa". The elves nodded and politely said "good luck".

James Frost parked the sleigh outside huge metal double doors to get loaded with all the presents. As soon as all the elves had loaded every single present into the huge sack at the back of the sleigh, they then sprinkled fairy powder over the reindeer, causing them to lift into the air one by one. The bald-headed elf that worked in the control room said kindly "fly safe". James Frost nodded with a smile and flew off into the air. Using his freezing abilities, and all his snow powers, he managed to deliver every present, dropping only one, that he successfully retrieved from the top of an old oak tree. Once he had finished he said happily to himself "I saved christmas!One last thing, saving Santa!"

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