Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


11. Victorious!

Ambers POV

"Okay, Amber," Niall says behind me rubbing my shoulders. "You knock down those final pins and you win." he states.

I roll my eyes.

"I know how to bowl Niall," I say shrugging his hands off of my shoulders. He holds his hands up in defeat.

Okay, if I get these four pins down, I win. And I won't have to listen to Harry taunting me ever again. I take a deep break bring the ball behind my body. Using all the strenth in my arm I could muster, I roll the ball down to aisle. It seemed as if it was going in slow motion. The ball rolled, and rolled before finally hitting one pin, wich hit another pin, and another nd they fell down. But there was still one pin left standing. Wobbling slightly.

"Come on, come on!" I mutter as I stare at the pin, wobbling effortlessly on the base of the object. A sigh of rlease escaoes my lips as the pin finally topp;es over and falls to its side.

"Yes!" I squeal running around Harry. Circling him and singing, "I won! You lost! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha," his eyebrows furrow together in confusion and a frown plays at his lips.

"That's unfair, you clearly stood closer to the aisle than I did," Harry defends himself. Liam scoffs from beside me and a smirk is now splayn across my lips for once.

"If anything Haz, she was farther away from it that you were," Liam says to Harry. Harry childishly crossed his arms against his chest. Niall howls with Lughter.

"C'mon, let's all go grab something to eat yeah?" Niall asks and we all nod in agreement. Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Mahi race to the table me trailing behind with Louis close behind me. As we reach the table we notice that there weren't any seats left. I begin to pull a char out but my wrist is caught by Louis.

"There's n room Love, we'l just sit at our own table," he says, his face smug and sly.

Tthey all planned this didn't they?
Conniving little shits.

Louis takes a seat at a table for two and I pull the chair out opposite him. It screeches as I pullmit out and I sit down comfortably, looking through the menu, trying to avoid eye contact with Louis. This lunch was going to be awkward.

"So Amber..." Louis' voice says, me still ot taking my eyes off of the menu.

"So louis..." I mimic back. He chuckles.

"You know it's rude not to look at someone whilst their talking to you," again I can practically hear the cocky grin on his face. I put the menu down and look at him.

"Much better," he says, his eyebrow raised.

"So Amber, i have to go to this family party on Saturday and I was told to bring  date. Would you like to come?" he asks ever so calmly. I on the other hand am freakng out. A million questions stammer through my brain.

Why ask me?

Why not Mahi?

Where is this party?

Will there be alchohol because I don't drink.

What do I wear?


I haven't even said yes yet.

"W-why?" I stutter. He raises his eyebrows.

"Why?" he parrots. And I smply nod.

"Well, your a very charming young girl," he smirks. "I'm sure my family will like you, I ike you," I blush furiously until I realise this is what he wants. To make me embarassed. I want to fire back. I want to come up wth a snarky remark but all I say is,

"Where is it?" 

"On my parents yacht."


A yacht.

"They have a yacht?"  I ask, now it's my turn to raise my eyebrows.

"Yeah, anniversary present last year." he says his eyes nw on the menu.

"From who?" I sound so nosey.He looksup from his menu and looks into my eyes.

"Me," he simply says an amused smile still on his face.

"I care about my family," he states. "Even though my real father isn't around, I've got my step-dad, mum and my little sisters." His face lights up at the mention of his sisters. I didn't know he ha sisters...

I didn't know he had sisters...

"How many sisters have you got?" I ask him

"Five," he says.

"That's alot!" I gasp. I could barely handle Louis on his own. I struggle to believe that his mother could put up with five other mini Louis' Then again, maybe his sisters are different.

The words are out before I can stop them.

"Yeah, I'd love to come."

Really?" His eyes widen, obviously not expecting e to say yes.

"Yeah, sure why not?"

"That's great."  he smiles.

 I smile back at him.

"Are you ready to take your order?" asks the waiter. We both say our oders and eat. Making small conversation as we ate. Once we were finsihed we gathered our thigs and we all headed back to the bus...



Im back! Back again! I'm home from derby! Stupid hptel wifi was crap so I was bored shitless. Thank god for wattpad when you don't have connection. So yeah, my next chapter!!! I hope you liked it! Any after fans here? eh? Theres gonna be a movie! A fucking movie! This is what I've been wanting ever since I entered this fandom! (2010) Fanfiction movies! Now we just need a psychotic movie ;) If anyone is looking for a good wattpad fanfiction i highly recommend After and psychotic.Ooh! And Hidden. Hidden is amazing! So yeah probably update again tonight. since again...it's midnight and I'm bored aha :)x Next chapter: the party!

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