Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


13. Truth or Dare...again?

Ambers POV

I turn on the lights to me and Mahi's room and she stirs in her sleep. Soon opening her eyes and seeing me. She sits up and stretches her arms above her head and yawns.

"What time is it?" she asks.

"Like...eleven thirty?" I reply. She nods.

"So how was your outing with Louis?" she says a smirk playing at her lips. I roll my eyes.

"First of all, it's none of your business, and second, who the fuck uses the word outing?" I reply with a confused expression. She chuckles, shaking her head at my response.

"Are the booys awake?" As if on que Niall's voice rings through the air.

"Ay, mate. Give it back!" Followed by Louis...

"Hahaha dream on Irishboy!" and then Zayn...

"Will you two cut the shit already? I'm trying to read!" of course Harry...

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" and sweet little Liam trying to calm everyone down.

"Boys! Stop it right now!"

"Louis give Niall his shoe!"

"Oh Harry, don't do that you found it on the floor!" We both errupt into giggles.

Poor Liam.

"Come on," she says. I follow her out to see Niall climbing on Louis trying to retrieve his shoe, Harry sitting right infront of the two a wide grin spread across his face. Zayn sitting in the corner, a book in his hands looking about five hundred percent done with these guys and poor Liam is trying to pry Niall's hands from louis shoulders. The moment they all see us enter, they stop in their tracks and stand awkwardly beside eachother.

Mahi are in hysterics and soon the buys join us two, laughing their ass' off.

"Let;s play another game of truth or dare then, since we're all here" Harry suggests.

We nod in agreement.

"Only this time, I think we should change the rules a little bit..." Zayn says with a smirk.


Ash hereeeeeeee. I'm really tired and ill so I'm sorry that chapter was short and shitty (eheh alliteration) I'll attempt to do a second update but I doubt I will be able to.

Ash xxx

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