Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


12. The Party

She finally walked out of her room and she looked beautiful. Her top was tight and clung to her body, the neck line was pretty low too, giving me a glimpse of her cleavage. Her long skirt reached her toes but cwrapped around her waist exentuating her curves.

"You look stunning," I compliment as we walk out to the cab that was parked outside for us to ride in. We take a seat and she keeps a fair distance away from me. I chuckle under my breath, something about pissing her off or embarassing her was just aslot of fun to me. I loved the way, the blood rushed to her cheeks when she was embarassed or when she runs her hands through her hair whever she's amd or annoyed. In my mind, I contemplate different ways to annoy her untill one came to mind and I smirk to myself.

"Amber?" I call.

"Hmm?" she hums in response.

"Are you a virgin?" I ask trying to keep a straight face but obviously failing miserably. Her horrified expression is just what I was hoping for and

"Louis that's personal, so no I'm not going to answer that question," she stutters as the heat rushes to her cheeks.

"Oh come on Amby, you can tell me," I taunt her farther.

"Shut up Louis," She says flustered. My smirk grows.

"I'll shut up once you answer," I retort. She rolls her eyes.

"Fine," she mumbles.

"Yeah, yeah I am," she says looking at me.

"You're what?" I question that same smirk at my lips.

"Louis! I've answered the question now leave me alone!" she whines.

"Wait, so you've never had a boyfriend before?" her eyebrows furrow in annoyance.

"Yes, I have" she says.

"And you've never had sex with him?" I ask still amused.

"You're 21 and stilla virgin?" I ask my eyes wide open.

"Yeah," she says, obviously trying to sound more confident. We stare at each other  insilence. As if on cue, we both burst out luaghing.

"But seriously though, " I begin once our laughter had subsided. "You've never had sex before?" I ask. She nods, biting her lip.

"We're here," the cab drivers gruff voice booms through the cab. I pay and we make our way to the boat.

"It's huge," she whispers. Fairy lights were strewn on the boat everywhere and little candles were placed in corners.

"Louis, dear!" the voice of my mother cries. I turn in the direction of the sound and see my mother rushing towards me. I wrap my arms around her, nestling my head in the crook of her neck, smelling the strong scent of her perfume. I've really missed her. I smile in the embrace. We pull away and my mother goes straight to Amber embracing her in a hug as tight as mine.

"Oh sweetie, you're gorgeous!" my mother beams.

"Thank you ma'am," Amber replies smiling politely at her.

My mum chuckles. "Sweetie, call me Johanna"

"Johanna" Amber says.

Amber and my sisters get along really well and whilst she's talking with them, I decide to catch up with some friends.

"She's a pretty one mate," my friend Ed says. "How'd you get her?" he teases.

"Ha ha," I reply, "and for your information i don't 'have' her, yet that is. I plan on asking her out tonight." I say immediately feeling nervous again. Why am I feeling so scared. Maybe its becuase I've never met anyone like her before, the girls I've met before arn't like her. They don't pull away when I pull them close, they don't sit so far away from me in a cab, and they sure as hell don't be rude to me. But that's kind ofwhat I like about her, her sassiness, and the way she's not afraid to say what she wants, she's a little like me then I guess.

"Oh, good luck" Ed says before walking away. When it's time to leave I decide I'll ask her before we go back in the tour bus.

Ambers POV

The cab ride wasn't as awkward as the way here. We had simple conversation and nothing bad happened. I guess I'm kind of warming up to him now. He's a pretty nice guy when he's not trying to piss me off. I'm just about to walk into my room where I can hear Mahi snoring softly when he grabs my wrist.

"Amber wait," he says. He scratches the back of his neck and laughs nervously.

What the fuck is going on?

"Yeah Louis?" I ask looking at him.

"Would you like to come over for dinner, just the two of us. On tuesday? After the concert?" he asks quickly.


Did he just as me out?

"Did you just ask me out?" he asks. His hands goes to the back of his neck again scratching it. Must be a nervous habit. I don't know what to say. But my mouth speaks before my mind can even evaluate.


A smile graces his lips, not the usual smirk, but a genuine smile. One that nearly reaches his ears. Suddenly, he looks so much younger.

"I can't wait," he smiles before trudging over to his room. I open the door to me and Mahi's room and inhale deeply.

What have I just gotten into?


And low and behold! The question each fanfic awaits.

"Are you a virgin?" 

Yup! Amber's supposed to be like a really innocent girl who desn't do risks but she has a mouth for britain aha :)

Hope you like that! The next chapter WILL NOT be the date because that's a bit cliche. Going straight to the date.


We're going to have some Mahi and Niall drama ;)

Ash xxx

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