Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


7. The never never ending drive


Amber P.O.V


I turned bright red

Is he serious? Mahi is damn gorgeous than me! 

"Someone blushing!!!!!!" Harry said

"Oh shut the fuck up harry!" i said

" Lets carry on playing as we still have half an hour to go!" Harry said

i picked my phone up and started looking at twitter. How the heck did i get 5000 more followers. i whispered.

i was so interested in my phone i did not notice that the bottle stopped at me.

" AMBBBYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" Harry shouted in my ear

Seriously what is the problem with this boy!

" WHAT THE FUCK DO U WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!" i shouted back in his ear

"truth or dare"


"Come on don't be a baby!!!!!!!!"

"still truth"

"Amber is a baby! Amber is a baby!Amber is a baby! Amber is a....."

"Fine!!!! Dare!" i said glaring at him.

"thank u!!!"

everyone started laughing

Harry continued talking. "I dare u to ...... MAKE OUT WITH LOUIS FOR 5 MINUTES IN THE BATHROOM!!!"

seriously i would absolutely love to kill this boy right now

" go on then!" harry said

i got up and yanked louis hand and went to the bathroom. the bathroom was so small with the of us in. louis pushed me up on the wall and went straight into my collarbone. i started moaning and i can feel the smirk on his face. he stopped and looked into my eyes and said," why the fuck are u so damn hot amber?!?"

and went straight on to the lips. his lips are just amaz... amber what the fuck are u saying. you can be falling for Louis Tomlinson!! we kissed passionatly. there was butterfly flying around in my stomache. i could feel firework everywh.... no amber stop. i couldn't though. i am falling for Louis fucking tomlinson.

"times up!!! or u guys can carry on" Harryy said

Louis got of me and just after everyone left laughing louis said, "U are damn sexy amber" and winked at me before walking away.

I falling for this boy.... hard..................




hi directioners!!

its me mahi 

i am so sorry about the grammer!!!

the nect chap i gonna be written by the beautiful girl ash





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