Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


16. Pursaded

Amber P.O.V

i woke up with mahi's feet on my face. i slowly removed them and went to the kitchen.

"right" i wishered," lets get this started."

After half an hour. i made atleast 30 pancakes.

"ughhh" i jumped, scared like hell but relaxed when i saw louis standing near the door. then i remembred everything that happened yesterday.

"Headache?" i said

"yep." he said


"Yes!" his face lit up when he saw the packsd of pancakes. he was just about to take one when...


i was just about to take a pancake when niall came running into me.

"im sooo sorry LO!!" and he ran off. then untill Mahi cam running into the room me and Amber notice what was happening.

Mahi face was covered was sharpie. niall drew on Mahi! He drew a hitler's moustache, a unibro and a massive sideburns!!

Amber started laughing and so did i. soon Zayn and Harry joined us whilst Mahi was chasing around Niall around. As i looked at Amber, i saw her beautiful face covered with happiness. i couldnt stop staring at her untill Harry nudged me.




I quickly turned around to face Niall and Mahi. OMG!!!

Mahi was on top of Niall, foaming his hair. Whilst Niall was screaming his head off.

Then i rembered the party that we got invited from 5SOS. i hope Amber would come was me. I hope.


Amber P.O.V

This was absolutely hilarious. Just then i noticed Louis coming closer to me. i turned to face him and he said, "There's a Party tonight, can u come with me?"

"I... I... I..." i stuttered

"Please!! Just come with me one night!! Please!!"

"Fine." i gave up cause his face was to hard to resist. his..... Amner what are u thinking?!!!?

But i have to impress Louis... I have too..

Mahi P.O.V

"Its payback time!" i said as i was on top of Niall only in my short top and undies.

"No!!Please!! No!!!" i looked into his eyes and he replied," will u go to a party with me?"

"I will go anywhere with u." I said

He picked me and we both went into his room and..

i guess u already know what happened next.

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