Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


14. New Rules

Mahi's POV

I gulp nevously. New rules? what does that mean?

"Okay,"Zayn says licking his lips deviously. "Here are the new rules, if the person you ask or dare does the thing then you have to take a shot of vodka," Zayn says pointing to Niall who was pulling out a bottle of vodka. "And if you don't do the thing you are asked to do, then you have to do the forfeit, which is that you have to remove an item of clothing" he finishes a glint of mischeviousness inhis eyes.

I don't drink," Amber states before Zayn says anything else.

Amber's POV

Louis scoffs. "Of course you wouldn't" He says. Hey, where did the sweet Louis that just took me out go?I should've known he wouldn't last. He's back to his obnoxious, self centred self. I knew this was too good to be true. I shrug my shoulders in response. I vowed to myself that last time I drank that I would never touch another cup of alchol ever in my life.

"C'mon Amber, it'll be fine" Mahi says. I glare at her.

"Fine" I finally give in. Mild cheers went through the room. We all shuffle to the middle of the room and sit down in a circle.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Louis asks Harry who was sitting beside me.


"I dare you to call your sister and tell her you got a girl pregnant," Louis says leaning back, grinning to himself.

I snort. "Real mature" I say. He ignored me and continued to glare at Harry.

"Okay," he said, shrugging his shoulder.

"Hey gem, I need to tell ya something" he start once gemma had picked up the phone.

"Yeah? What is it?" she asks

"Well....I don't know how to say this"

"Harry, what the hell did you do?" the room errupted in snickers from Zayn and Louis.

"Well, you know Cara?"

"Yeah....Harry...? What are you saying?"

"Well, she's kinda pregnant now," Louis bites on his indexfinger to prevent him from laughing. Mahi isholding in giggles and Niall is rolling on the ground laughing silently.

"Harry?! Please tell me it's not yours!"

"I'm sorry Gem," He says into the phone, smirking and cuts the phone before she could say anything in response. As soon as he put his phone down everyone starts laughing. I simply roll my eyes. So childish.

"Amber,Truth or dare?" Harry asks.

Dare," I reply.

"I dare you to make out with Zayn," Harry says looking directly at Louis.

"What the hell?! No!" I squeak.

"Okay well of with some clothes then love," Liam smirks. These perverted little shits...

Thankfully I was wearing my cardigan over the top of my tanktop and I slowly take it offand place it to the side.

Louis' POV

Woah. As she bent over and placed her cardigan in the middle of the circle, her tanktop rode down giving me a decent view...

"Okay so my turn right?" she asks running her fingers through her hair. Every one nods.

"Okay, Niall, you have to make out with Mahi" she says. Niall shrugs and makes his way to Mahi.

Mahi's POV

Okay we haven't done this infront of everyone, I honestly don't know if I want to. B

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