Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


3. Concert

Amber POV.

it was annoying being in a One Direction stupid concert. sometime i want to strangle Mahi!!!


As i didn't wan't to listen to stupid boys singing i decided to listen to my own music which was Demi Lovato- Let it Go

I was so into my music i didn't realise a boy was coming up to me. As i looked up i saw a boy taking my phone and my headphone!!

Louis POV.

I went up to the gorgeous girl and snatched her phone and her headphone of here and said,

"Pay some respect love."

The funny thing is i didn't even give it back!

she would get it later when we finish. 

I don't understand why would she want to come if she doesn't even like us?


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