Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


10. Bowling

Ambers POV

My hopes for finding Harry had been demolished as he dissapeared down the hall and then I couldn't find where he was afterwards AT ALL. I just hoped that he wont tell the others about what he say back there. I change and meet everyone else outside and we step out of the tourbus on our way to the bowling alley. I was amazing at bowling. I loved it and used to play alot. So I couldn't wait to play today. We walked up to the counter to collect our bowling shoes and the woman was very friendly, a little too friendly if you ask me. But then again if your the biggest boyband i=on the plant, then your bound to meet some of these 'too friendly' people. As we walked away with our shoes in hand Louis winked at the girl in a flirtatious manner and she simpy giggled in response.

Ugh not one of those kind of people.  I culdn't help but scrunch up my nose in distaste. Louis spotted me and smirked. Once again as everyone walked over to the benches to put their shoes on, Louis grabs me by the waist his hot, minty breath on my neck.

"Louis, seriously? Grow up let me go for fucks sake," I say trying to sound confident cut it came out as moe of a whine.

"Somebody jealous?" he whispered nibbling slightly on the lobe of my ear.

I groan in annoyance and pull away making my way over to the benches with the others and put my shoes on.

Mahis POV

Niall grabbed my shoes from me holding it above my head, out of reach. Gosh why do I have to be so short.

"Niall give me the goddamn shoes already" I whine.

"Nope!" he says running through the alley, the shoes still in hand.

"Niall Horan get back here right now!" I giggled as I chased after him.

I see Niall sprint down a corridor so, I follow him. But as I get to the end of the corridor he is nowhere to be seen!

"Niall!" I call looking for him.

No response.

I decide to make my way back to the alley and wait for him there since Imcn't find him now. Suddenly, i feel a hand clasp my mouth shut and pull me to an enclosed area. My first instinct was to scream, but the familiar scent of Niall's cologne filled my nostrils and I knew there was nothing to scream about. He pushes me against the wall and grips my waist firmly. I looked up and I am met with his icy blue orbs gazing down intensely at me. He dips his head down and eventually his lips meet mine. His balmy lips massage mine soothingly and it felt amazing. Our lips moved in sync his tongue grazes my bottom lips, asking for entrance but I wasn't going to et on that easily. Smirking ito the kiss, I keep my lips together. He mirrored my smirk and his hands trail down from my waist to my behind and suddenly pinching slightly. I gasp, surprised. Giving his the perfect oppertunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, which he gratefully accepted. Our tongues lapped against eachother and his explored every inch around my mouth and I let out a content sigh. I threat his hair in my fingers and he cups his hands around my thighs. He breaks away from the kiss slightly and whispers, "jump".

I do as I was told and wrap my legs arounf his waist my lips soon connecting with his again and his hands supported my body's weight beneath me.

Ambers POV

Great. Mahi and Niall have gone off somewhere and now we have to wait for them to get here before we could play. As I got up from tying the laces on my shoes solacing fingers brush over the sensitive skin on my neck, brushing the hair away. Louis. But we were infront of Harry, Liam and Zayn! However I could not muster the courage to pull away. So I stood there feeling his fingers against my skin and soon his lips come to my ear.

"Your gorgeous, you know that right?" he says, his voice deep and husky. I gulp.

"Oh What's going on here then?" Harry's voice booms. I instantly feel the blood run to my cheeks and I turn to face him.

"Shut up Harold," Louis says, a smug expression on his face.

"Oh yeah. I don't want to interrupt you like last time," Harry says his eyebrows raised. Oh hell no.

"Last time?" Liam cuts in. "There was a last time and I missed it?" Liam taunts a grin growing on his lips too.

"Yeah!" Harry starts. "Louis was like really close, and he lo-"

"shut up Harry" I cut him off.

"Yeah leave the poor girl alone," Zayn says.

"Thank you!" I exclaim.

"But, I do wish I was there too see that." he finishes with a devious smile.

What is it with everyone and their fucking smirks?!

I scowl at him and he only chuckles in response.

"Amby looked like she really enjoyed it too you know," Harry taunts further. This boy!

"She did," Louis says.

I turn and glare at him.

"What will get you to stop teasing me about this?" I basically whine at Harry.

"If you beat me at Bowling then yeah, I'l stop but I doubt you will because I'm amazing," he praises himself. Beating Harry at Bowling? Piece of cake.

My lipe curled into a smirk of it's own.

"You're on."



Mah next chappieeeeee.

So will she beat him? will she not? The world will never know... But I do eheh. So yahs. I'm not sure who's going to be writing the next chapter it may be me, it may be mahi. Who knows? Most probably me though, because I'm going to Derby and I'm going to be very bored. So get used to my fucking essays guys!

Ash xxx


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