Christmas isn't fun for everyone...

My Dad died on Christmas Day when I was 6. Now I'm 17. This book will have 12 chapters, one for each and every Christmas without him.


2. When I was 7: 2002

"So have we all finsihed our Christmas cards?" My extremely annoying teacher asked. I stared guiltily at my blank sheet of white paper. "Who wants to show theirs?" Of course, the class show off and teacher's pet, let's call her Rhylee, and my worst enemy, put her hand up. "Go on then Rhylee!" The whole class stared in total awe at her masterpiece. A herd of reindeer had been painted, standing in a snow covered field, with a village twinkling with Christmas lights in the distance.

"WOW!" Shouted my best friend, how about Sally.

"Traitor." I muttered under my breath.

"Now, who else wants to share?" Through the forest of waving hands, Miss spotted me in the corner, keeping myself to myself. "How about you Katy?" I shook my head. "Why ever not?"

"Because I haven't done one." I muttered.

"Speak louder sweetie." Said Miss putting a hand to her ear.

"She hasn't done one Miss!" Screeched Rhylee, picking up my blank piece of paper in the air for all to see.

"And why haven't you done one?" Miss asked me, getting irritated now.

"BECAUSE I HATE CHRISTMAS! WHO AM I GOING TO GIVE THE STUPID CARD TO ANYWAY? MUM? YEAH RIGHT! DAD..." I trailed off, before standing up, throwing my chair on the floor, shocking everyone so much, that several cards were dropped on the floor, including Rhylee's, and running from the room, crying, deliberately taking a path over Rhylee's card, and tearing it straight down the middle.


"I hope you understand the seriousness of the consequences caused by your child's actions." I heard the Deputy Headteacher tell my mum.

"Yes, yes, of course I do." I was eavesdropping. I was sure I was going to get expelled, or suspended at least. I'd 'fractured' Rhylee's toe, broken one of the tables, torn the carpet and destroyed numerous amounts of cards. The office door swung open and I ducked out of the way.

"Miss Hunter, please step inside." The Deputy said, with a grim look on his face. So I did. Mum was sitting at his desk. It was obvious she's tried to make herslef look respectable, her hair was combed, alomst, neatly into a pony tail, and her clothes were reasonably un-creased. Even though it had been nearly a year since the berievment, she still hadn't quite gotten over the grief.  "Now as it's the last week of term, we can't do much about this - incident, but I hope you understand Katy, that next term you will face the consequences of your actions."

"Yes Sir."

"Very well then. I think you should make your way to class now." I stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind me before locking myself in a cubicle. Noboody cared how I felt. Nobody cared what I thought. Nobody cared how much Rhylee upset me. Nobody cared about me at all. Sally hated me, and refused to make any sorts of contact with me and was now hanging out with Rhylee. It was so unfair!


It was Christmas Day again. Not much changed. Apart from the amount of presents under the tree, that had decreased, and the light among the house. Mum didn't like to use much electricity, but also there was no cheer, no smiles, no laughter. It felt like we were at a funeral. Which ironically, we kind of were.

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