When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


6. Tweet.

Cleo and I walked out after one and other, she was tapping on her Iphone to some boy she 'knew' she never knows them. I suddenly felt a huge weight on my back, I turned to see Megan jumping up and down like a lost beach ball.

"Yo yo yo jokeyo joe." She laughed. I smiled. "Wasssup?" She slanged it up in a jokey way.

"Nothing." I replied pulling on the biggest grin I could. A year 7 boy bumped into me making me stutter back a little. I glared at him, silly boy. As we chatted I saw Daniel and Billy walking along side with Taylor. I yawned at the same routine of everything. As Daniel bumped into Cleo she looked up at him blankly, then pulled Megan and I into her snapchat. I pulled my normal pout and she clicked it and replied. I looked over at Taylor and Billy talking away.

"Alright?" Daniel asked, pulling me close to him. I fidgeted, it always feels like the boys control the girls, I personally hated that. I nodded in return. "What is wrong maan?" He always expresses his 'a' in his daily vocabulary.

"Nothing?" I replied as I pulled out my phone, another tweet. I fidgeted again, having the urge of opening it. Megan was peering over my shoulder when she squealed so loudly.

"Justin Bieber tweeted you, omg omg omg!" She did say 'o m g' they all looked up at me.

"N-no." I swallowed, my mouth was dry and I was flushing. Taylor was walking towards me, I stepped away.  "It's a fan girl, my err...cousin in Maine, she loves Justin Bieber." I replied happy with my reply.

"But it has the blue tick." Megan insisted as she was tapping my Iphone. She just wouldn't drop it. I pulled away staring at the screen, I felt like loosing my plot. Taylor was eyeing me up now, everyone was, espically Daniel. Suddenly Gina walked over with Lauren.

"Did you get Justin Bieber's fan message about New York?" Gina asked staring at me. She showed me her screen it had excatly the same thing on it be with no 'x' . I nodded.

"I didn't." Taylor moaned. Gina shrugged and stared at my red face, I felt sick. But I was so glad he messaged her.

"Lucky." Megan said staring at her tweets. Daniel had drop his stare now and was looking at Lauren who was fiddling with her straight blonde hair. I didn't care for once. Lauren was the compertiton but I was glad I had them at this moment in time.

"I thought you hated him?" Taylor confronted me.

"Yeah but, that doesn't mean I can't follow him." I replied, she shrugged and turned back to Billy, and everything went back to normal. Justin was already making things so complicated.

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