When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


8. One Fixed Place To Live.


Going back to New York was such a rave, I couldn't wait to see everyone again, espically Summer. We grew up together and she was so cute and pretty back then and she is damn hot now. I follow her on everything and she follows me, which is sweet. I was texting my Mum when Scooter walked in. Scooter is my manager and has been since 2008, he's like my Dad really. I never get to see my Dad much really, or my brother and sister.

"You annoced that you going back to New York for a month?" I nodded as I munched on a orange piece, he sat down next to me. "Justin, we need to have a chat." He sighed, I looked up from my phone to him.


"After New York your gonna have to find one fixed place to live, we can still travel and that when you have but, at the moment staying in hotels is a lot." Scooter said staring at me.

"But all my new songs are coming out?" I said.

"I know and they will be great Heart Breaker is already number 1." I smiled, my fans mean a lot to me. "But still." I nodded.

"I get it." I said.

"And I have to manage other people aswell as you." His voice cracked as he stood up, I stared as I was sitting in a 5star hotel room with my legs fixed comfortably on the table. Scooter kicked them off. "Come on Jay." Scooter chuckled as he got his phone out of his pocket which was ringing, he walked out leaving me alone in the empty room which had really dirty curtains. They drapped over the windows, I went to move them but as I did I saw thousands of fans screaming my name. I opened the door onto the balconey, hearing them screaming my name over and over. I waved and waved untill my arm ached. Scooter came running out with a microphone.

"Hello Mexico!" I shouted as they squealed. I smiled. I was singing some of my songs to them and they was singing back even to my new songs that hadn't been released. I waved goodbye telling them I loved them. I walked back into the dark room with a big smile across my face.

"Better get to bed, were up early so none of the paps can see you, or the beliebers." We laughed. When Scooter shut the door, I striped naked and jumped into the hot shower letting the steaming heat clean every part of muscley body. As i got into some shorts, I crept to my bed and slid in. Tomorrow was going to be busy.


 It will only say when Justin's or anyone else is narrating, all the others are Summer.

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