When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


16. Discissions.

 I couldn't believe I was meeting him again, I mean the past is the past its not everyday you can say you meet the 'Justin Bieber' I do love his music, I know every lyric of every song, but I just miss how close we were. I was dozing off when Taylor and Sarah burst in, I smiled, they sat down and I showed them the stitching.

"He's an idiot." Sarah said staring at the stitching while Taylor sat on the end of the bed shaking her head. I kicked her leg, she looked at me.

"I'm sorry Sum." Taylor said taking my hand and staring at me.I laughed a little.

"Honestly? I'm fine, well you know getting better." I drifted off, it hurt to laugh. "It's not your fault." I rubbed her hand softly feeling a bit like I was in some sort of soap scene.

"No it's not." Sarah butted in planting herself back on the bed. "What he did is cruel and horrible."

"You should of come to me, or one us." Taylor let go of my hand suddenly as she turned her head and stood up.

"I'f you came it would of got worse, I could handle it. I was helping you." I whispered.

"Yes I know that Summer." Taylor voice was more sharp and husky. Sarah frowned and rubbed my hand, I could read all my friends and Sarah was annoyed at Taylor as I was helping her and she was angry at me. I stopped and thought about it myself.

"Why are you angry? I was helping. I was protecting you-" Before I could finish she butted in and shouted at me.

"From what?!" She stared at me her eyes jilted from Sarah to me every couple of seconds, they were teary and I felt so weak. "I can fight my own battles."

"Taylor grow up, she was helping you and this is how you say thanks?" Sarah replied sharply not making eye contact.

"I don't need help." Taylor replied.

"But image if it were you, he would of probably hit you."

"No." I butted in remembering the events. "I wasn't helping you, they were having a go at me because apparently I'm the reason you two broke up."

"Well you are."

"I was trying to help?!"

"That's all you do 'help'." Taylor was close to my face now. Sarah stood up and pushed her back. "Get well soon." She spat and walked out.

I was frozen, I couldn't believe how bitchy she was being. After everything all the silly mistakes she has done and I didn't do anything wrong. But it's all my fault. Sarah stayed for dinner, Mum and Dad find her awkward because she's fussy. Very fussy.

"Oh Sarah, could you fill Summer in on homework if you can?" Mum asked passing the green beans to Luke. She nodded, Mum smiled awkwardly and passed me the mash. "Taylor left quickly today." Mum said looking at me.

"Yeah, she was erm-" I stuttered for an excuse.

"She had to go out with her Mum and she was outside." Sarah smiled as she dumped the mash onto her plate in disgust.

"Oh." Mum smiled. "Where were they off to?"

"Mum." I snarled.

"Okay, now the real reason." Mum put down her knife and fork and glared at us coldly. I told her, well everyone at the table apart from Chad as he was 'out' like normal. "She's so pathetic, your sick and she treating you like that?!" I could tell Mum was getting irraitated so she had a sip of her red wine. Dad was finished and stood up and left. He went to his study room. I couldn't eat. I felt sick.As Sarah and I trailed up the stairs I got a text from Daniel.

'Broken nose, Taylor told me your out of hospital, she is pretty mad. I'm sorry Summy, I love you<3'Summy? What is this nick-name scenario? It's like a cheesy primary school thing. I sighed and dropped my phone on my bed as Sarah let go of helping me up the stairs.

"End it." Sarah's voice broke out. "You obviously don't like him and, he went against you."

"But he did try to help." I said sighing.

"Sum look at me." I looked up as she smiled at me. "Your 16, you don't need him I mean look around at all the celebs are they all taken? No. And this is a petty relationship anyway, who needs love eh?" She laughed her phone buzzed. "Oh, my mother's here." She joked she put on her coat and grabbed her bag, she doesn't hug so she smiled at me. "I love you Summer, get better soon." She walked out and before she did she turned back at me. "End it, or you will regret it."

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