When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


17. Break-Up.

' Hey,

I hope your nose gets better. I have stitches in my back and a few cuts but I was in hospital. Quite weak but you know. Anyway, Daniel I just want to start with er, thank you. This relationship has been for a long steady time and it was great, but you and I both know that it has gone downhill since year 11. I love you all the same.

Tuesday was the scariest day of my life. 1. because of Billy but 2. because you didn't trust me. You watched him hurt me and you actually believed that I forced my best friend to break up with him? It was better that she did. I mean look at him, he's a faggot and I hate him. Taylor didn't love him, she fancied him obviously but she's inlove with someone else and she doesn't want to love that boy anymore and Billy was so sweet and helpped her and she used him okay? So I was protecting Billy all along.

Now this is where it hurts. I know I don't love you as much as I used to, and you know that to. We have sometimes gone a whole week not talking even though we see eachother everyday, and we haven't even done anything but got off. Were 16 Daniel it is legal you know?  But I didn't care because I thought you wanted to wait but I'm 16 going on 17 a virgin. Anyway,

You are the sweetest thing I know and the hottest boy I know but, Tuesday I realised how broken we are now how over we were because you didn't trust me but also because you watched him hurt me you did push him off I know but after he hit you, you just watched and I was fighting to get him off you so he hurt me even more and I'm the girl.

But over this year I have got to know a amazing person, but this amazing person isn't meant for me. I will always remember what we had and I will always remember the love I had for you. I know this is the normal break-up line but, I hope we can be friends but if your with Billy then no. Well I hope your not friends with anyway but yeah. I'm always here for you okay? Sorry for the long break up but I thought you deserved better than a silly phonecall where were both angry. You can call me after this but, I think it's better this way just to calm down then we can talk on the phone...see you soon Daniel x'

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