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Lenii was your ordainary directioner, just another girl obsessing over the boys. She was bullied for 6 years in school and had no friends. It didn't help that her parents beat her up. She had scars and scratches all over her body. The only person in her life who was nice to her was her Grandad but when he passed away her life became a total terror but what happens when she meets that special person, will a relationship develop....?


7. Together

Lenii's P.O.V.

Just before Louis wandered back into his home, he decided to give me his phone number. "Text if you need anything!" He said before jumping out of the car and shutting the door behind him.

"Where do you like to shop?" Harry asked me.

I thought for a second as Harry stared at me.

"You don't have to by me new clothes Harry, I can just go back home and get them."

"No Lenii, I'm not letting you go back there."

"I don't care about my parents. They won't care about me and they don't."

"Lenii, please don't go back there. Look what they have done to you. I don't want them destroying you like that."


"Because I love you." He shouted.

"Yeah and I love..." I paused.

"You love who?"

"Y,Y... You." I hesitated.

Quickly, he leaned in and kissed me. I tried to pull away but he held me close until he finally dedided to quit this kiss.

I looked at him as he smiled. He hugged me... Tightly. "Lenii, dont go and get the clothes. I basically now have a right to look after you and if you want those clothes... I'LL get them."

"Thanks harry but, their evil. Once someone came to the door trying to sell something and my dad told him to F off and punched him. You do not wanna go there and no offence but I am seventeen, i dont need looking after."

"Harsh! I know your nearly an adult but you do need looking after, look what they hve done to you."

"Ok then... WE will go there, together!"

He shook my hand. "Deal! Now, where do you live, or did live?"

"Go left at the end of this road and then go right at the end of that one and I'll show you which house it is."

"Ok!" He drove out of Louis' drive way and harry did as I said. He turned left at the end of this road and right at the end of that one.

I pointed at my house. "That one."

He pulled up beside the house. We jumped out quietly and went to the door. Harry rang the door bell as we shivered in the coldness.

Someone answered the door. It was her. My horrid mother. She stood and stared at me as her hip length, black hair blew in the wind. "Well if it isn't little Lenii."

"Shut up mum. I dont wanna hear your rubbish anymore. I only came to get my clothes and then I'm leaving... For good!"

"Get them then." Just then she noticed Harry trying to wander in behind me. "Where do you think your going?"

"I'm taking care of YOUR daughter that you abused so she can have a better life. Surely I am allowed in your house." I watched as he pushed out of the way and we giggled as we ran up the stairs.

I got all my clothes and put them in a bag i found in my room. I got all my other stuff i wanted or needed. "Done!" I said as i closed the door behind me and wandered back downstairs with harry following.

"Bye mum. See you never."i smiled as I slammed the door shut.

I put my stuff in harrys car boot and we drove back to his house.

"Lenii, consider my place... Home!"

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