Help Me Styles

Lenii was your ordainary directioner, just another girl obsessing over the boys. She was bullied for 6 years in school and had no friends. It didn't help that her parents beat her up. She had scars and scratches all over her body. The only person in her life who was nice to her was her Grandad but when he passed away her life became a total terror but what happens when she meets that special person, will a relationship develop....?


3. start to finish.

Me and Harry stayed up late and watched movies. We watched a horror movie and harry hugged me the whole way through the movie from start to finish.

I yawned. "I'm so tired!"

"Me too! Let's go to bed!" Said harry getting up and rubbing his eyes. We wandered up the stairs when harry showed me to my room. "Do you have any more clothes?" He asked me.

"No." I replied.

"You can borrow a Tshirt for the night and we can buy you some more clothes tomorrow!"

He opened the door. The bedroom was massive. "Here you go! Do you want a drink or anything?"

"Erm... No thanks."

"Okay, well then i guess I'll see you in the morning. Night!"

"Night harry, thanks again for being so nice!" I wrapped my arms around his waist while he kissed me on the forehead.

"Oh, Lenii I'll just get you a Tshirt."

"Oh yeah thanks."

He came back 5 minutes later with a plain white top. "There you go, shove that on!"

I smiled. "Thanks. Night harry."

He turned off the light. I pulled the bed covers up to my neck and thought about how nice harry was being...

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