Help Me Styles

Lenii was your ordainary directioner, just another girl obsessing over the boys. She was bullied for 6 years in school and had no friends. It didn't help that her parents beat her up. She had scars and scratches all over her body. The only person in her life who was nice to her was her Grandad but when he passed away her life became a total terror but what happens when she meets that special person, will a relationship develop....?


8. passionately.

When we got home, it was almost 2 o'clock. I had a shower and put on some of my clothes. Me and harry put all of my clothes into a wardrobe.

"There you go! All done." Harry said shutting the doors to the wardrobe.

"Thanks Harry."

"You know what you said earlier Lenii?"


"Did you really mean it?"

"Yeah, I guess so!"


I nodded, "yeah Harry, i...i love you."

"I love..." Before he could say another word i kissed him. "You!" He said against my lips. I leaned towards the wall as he kissed me back.

Harry picked me up and threw me on the bed playfully. "Harry!" I laughed. He came and led next to me and held me close. He kissed me again as I rolled on top of him. As he took his top of he kissed my neck passionately.

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