Help Me Styles

Lenii was your ordainary directioner, just another girl obsessing over the boys. She was bullied for 6 years in school and had no friends. It didn't help that her parents beat her up. She had scars and scratches all over her body. The only person in her life who was nice to her was her Grandad but when he passed away her life became a total terror but what happens when she meets that special person, will a relationship develop....?


15. magazine

Lenii's P.O.V. - day after Lenii's birthday.

"Hi Lenii." Said Eleanor as i answered the door.

"Oh hi, come on in."

"Thank you." Eleanor came in and sat down on the sofa. "Wheres Harry?"

"He's just having a shower."

"Ok. I was just wondering, have you and harry told anyone that your dating yet apart from me and Lou?"

"No why?" I said confused.

"Well i was at the shops earlier today and I saw this magazine."

She handed me the magazine. I immediately saw a picture of me and harry. The headlines read:

Is it love for one direction member, Harry Styles?

"Thats a picture from yesterday?" Just then i heard harry coming down the stairs.

"Hi Eleanor." Harry said coming over to sit with us. "Is everything..." He saw the magazine and took it out my hand.

"Hi harry." She said looking down.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Eleanor found it in the shop this morning. Its a picture from yesterday."

Harry started scrolling through the magazine pages until he got to page 28. We read the magazine page:

Is love in the air for one direction hottie Harry Styles? The singer was found yesterday kissing a girl in the rain! We got suspicious when harry tweeted, also yesterday, "Happy Birthday @Lenii_McCoy!!! Love you lots babe xxx" this 'Lenii' retweeted "thank you @Harry_Styles ! Love you too xxxxx" is it love or just a very close friendship? We start to think its a relationship seeing Harry hasn't had a girlfriend in a while and Lenii has gained over hundreds of followers on Twitter scine that one tweet of Harrys.

"Well, they were gonna find out pretty soon anyway." Harry stated.

"Yeah, I guess they were." I replied. "I'm just wondering who took the picture?"

"Yeah, me too."

"I have to go now guys, I'll see you soon." Eleanor said while standing up.

"Bye El." Said Harry showing her to the door.

"Bye!" I called.

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