Behind These Walls

What you see isn't always what you get. On the outside, Niall Horan is the adorable blonde, witty member of the worlds best boy band One Direction. But behind closed doors Niall is an insecure trouble kid who wants nothing more than to be happy, and no amount of money and fame can give him that.

Brystal Taylor is your average troubled teen. She spends most of her time locked up in her room, avoiding the world and the constant death threats and insults people throw at her. Living in the perfect family Brystal is far from perfect.

When Niall and Brystal meet they form a connection that is like no other. They rely on each other to get through the hell they call life.


2. chapter 2:

Niall's POV:

We pulled up to the OBrien's house and parked in their massive driveway. I got out of the car and opened up the back seat for my mum.

"Thanks love, oh let me fix your tie!" My mum grabbed my tie and fiddled with it.

"Okay mum that's enough!" I playfully shoved her away.

"Oh Niall I'm sorry. It's just so good to have ye back. Everyone really missed you."

"Yeah right" I said quietly to myself. We walked into the OBrien's door and were greeted with loud clapping.

"Lady's and Gentleman we have a celebrity in our midst! Mullingars own Niall Horan of One Direction!" Mr.obrien yelled. Everybody cheered and took pictures. My face turned bright red.

"Thank you thank you everybody! I'm still the same old cheeky lad you grew up knowing, there's no need for special treatment." I said looking at everyone. Just then a girl walked in. She had on an outfit that was completely underdressed for this event. She wore a denim romper with white chucks and a colorful hobo bag. Her hair was braided back into a fishtail braid. A few girls looked at her and laughed. She quickly put her head down. Another girl standing next to her put her arm around her, then she left when a boy came up and kissed her passionitly.

"Niall come here there's someone I want you to meet." My mum pointed to a table full of girls that looked around 16-18. I slowly walked over while eying the fishtail girl out of the corner of my eye.

"Hi, I'm Sammantha" one of the girls at the table said. She was one of the girls that laughed at Fishtail girl.

"Oh hey, I'm um Niall"

"I know! You're in one direction! And you're my favorite! Ehmagawd you are so sexy. I can't believe I'm talking to you! Can I like totally Instagram this? Selfie timee! Gurls get in this shiz"

Soon I was surrounded my ditzy girls begging for selfies. Part of me hoped Fishtail wouldn't come over here because I don't want her to be like one of these girls but then again I really wanted to talk to her. She sat lonely in a corner with her headphones in. She had on about thirty million bracelets which I thought was really cute. I thought she was really cute. The way strands of hair fall out of her braid and she tucks them behind her ears is just too cute. I couldn't help but stare. She was so god damn beautiful. I was snapped out of my stated own when my phone started buzzing. The screen read Daddy Payne. I excused myself from the girls and went outside.

"Hey Liam whatsup" I was glad to hear a loving voice.

"Nun much just missing my nialler" Liam said laughing. "What you up too your first night back in Mullingar?"

"At a family friends party, just took about a thousand selfies with ditzy fans. How bout ye?"

"Relaxing with my old man, watching some fútbol."

"Sweet man! Have you checked on styles, Lou, or Dj Malik yet?"

"Yup I called them all, Perry picked up zayns phone. He's at her place showering. Harry's out with Gemma getting froyo and Lou's with Elle and his family at the theatre."

"I think I'll call them later but I should get back in there my mums at the door calling me in"

"Alright Niall keep in touch!"

We exchanged our goodbyes and hung up. I went to the door to see what my mum wanted. She told me she just wanted her phone out of the car so I went outside again to go get it. When I turned around fishtail girl wasn't in her chair anymore. I shook my head and went outside. I walked down the long driveway and opened my car door. Once grabbing the phone I shut the door and was about to go inside when I heard crying. I looked around to see where it was coming from. It was getting dark now and I could see anybody near by.

"Hello, is anybody here?" I said loudly. In a white escalade next to me a girl lifted her head. Her face was tear stained and her eyes were red. Then I noticed who it was. It was fishtail girl. I tapped on the glass and she rolled the window down.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I said sincerely worried.

"Why do you care? You're a big time celebrity since when do you care about some local girls feelings?" Ouch.

"I care about any and everyone's feelings. Now open the door, let's walk."

Brystals POV:

"My names Brystal. Sorry for the rude greeting. It's just...I'm not used to people being, nice to me." It pained me to even talk.

"Hey I know the feeling. So what's the matter love? He sounded sincere.

"Well, where do I start? My life's a mess. I make one mistake and I'm the sluttiest girl in Ireland I guess. I try so hard to impress everyone and make friends but nothing works. I cry myself to sleep, I cut myself, I skip school, I hide out in my room and nobody can tell I'm hurting. No one cares! Everyone is so stuck up their asses they can't even tell that I'm struggling to even stay alive! Sammantha. Oh Sammantha. She feels the need to torture me day in and day out. Even outside of school she finds a way to ruin my life. I hate her! You wanna know why I left the party? Sammantha came up to me and said; I saw Niall looking at you. I know you saw him. If you so much as look at him I will make you wish you weren't born slut. Niall's mine. You can take your ugly fucking slutty ass somewhere else because no one wants you here. Why do you even bother leaving your house? No, why do you even bother breathing. Leave bitch, now.

I have no clue why she even said that. You probably weren't even looking at me. I'm too ugly and worth less for you or for anybody!" I was bawling again. I stood still with my head buried in my hands. I had no clue why I just vented all me issues to him. He probably wishes he never talked to me, just like everyone else I've met. Then I felt warm hands around me. I looked up and saw Niall was hugging me. I slowly hugged back. I was kind of unsure at first but then I just gave in and held him close and tightly. I held him like I've never been held before. I continued to cry.

"Do you ever just feel worthless? Like you want to kill yourself?" Niall asked me. This caught me off gaurd. I always thought famous people had it perfect. I guess not.

"Yes, yes every day." I said between sobs. Niall held me tighter. It was a weird feeling. I felt warmer and I had butterflies. I've never felt this way. When Niall started to let go I felt a sad disappointing feeling. I looked him in the eyes and he looked in mine. He started to lean in. Oh god, I thought. I closed my eyes to prepare for the kiss but he passed my lips and went to my ear.

"Call me." He says before walking off wiping his tear stained face with his sleeve.

Shit. I didn't have his number or anything. But somehow I knew this wouldn't be the last time we talked, or at least I hoped it wouldn't.

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