Behind These Walls

What you see isn't always what you get. On the outside, Niall Horan is the adorable blonde, witty member of the worlds best boy band One Direction. But behind closed doors Niall is an insecure trouble kid who wants nothing more than to be happy, and no amount of money and fame can give him that.

Brystal Taylor is your average troubled teen. She spends most of her time locked up in her room, avoiding the world and the constant death threats and insults people throw at her. Living in the perfect family Brystal is far from perfect.

When Niall and Brystal meet they form a connection that is like no other. They rely on each other to get through the hell they call life.


1. Chapter 1

Niall's POV:

"Niall hurry up in there!" Mum yelled pounding on my room door. I put down my razor and stared at the bloody slits on my wrists. A tear rolled down from my eyes hitting the cuts.

"Coming mum" I replied drying the blood with a bunched up shirt. I put on my tuxedo jacket and wiped my tears with my sleeve. I forced a smile and left my room. I went downstairs to meet my parents by the door.

"Oh love, you look so handsome!" Mum yelled grabbing my already red cheeks.

"Thanks mum, you look beautiful." I replied forcing a smile.

We went outside and headed to my white range rover.

"You driving son?" My Pa asked patting my back. I nodded yes and unlocked the car. I sat In the drivers seat and started the car. The whole drive was mostly my parents talking about the OBrien's party we were on our way to. I sat silent trying hard to hold back the tears that constantly formed in my eyes.

Brystals POV:

"Brystal honey please come to the party!" My mum yelled through my room door. I wish she would just shut up.

"Why do I have to go?" I yelled back at her while reblogging some hilarious post on tumblr.

"The OBrien's love you! They would be devastated if you didn't go." I thought about that. I didn't think they'd honestly care. Who does? I decided to go anyways. I'd been on tumblr all day and I've seen nothing good. If I leave for a few hours, when I get back there should be some new posts. I put on my white chucks and a denim romper with my hair braided back in a fishtail braid. I took out my contacts and put on my glasses. I grabbed my hobo bag and shoved in my phone charger, lip gloss, phone, some random book off my shelf, and a pack of gum. I put on about twenty bracelets to cover my scars and I walked out of my room.

"Good! You've decided to come." My mum said clapping her hands.

"Yeah yeah whatever." I said rolling my eyes.

"Brystal baby why do you insist on wearing that many bracelets whenever you go out in public?" I couldn't dare tell her why. If she knew shed ship me off to therapy like she did last year when my suicide attempt failed.

"I don't know mum I just like bracelets!" I said forcing a fake smile and chuckle.

"Okay sweet heart, let's go guys!" Mum yelled. Dad came out of the room and my brother and sister, Jackson and Baylor, came out of their rooms. Jackson is a year older than me and Baylor is three years below.

"No you hangup, no baby you hang up! I love you, no I love you more! You're the cutest! Stop no you're the cutest!" Baylor said with the biggest smile on her face. She was probably talking to her Irish heartthrob boyfriend Andrew. We made our way downstairs and into the family car, a white escalade. Mum sat in the passenger seat while dad drove. Jackson sat in the back texting and listening to music with one headphone in, Baylor was still on the phone with Andrew talking about God knows what, and I sat in the back on my phone. I saw I had about 40 notifications on ask and I decided to check them. Big mistake.

-kill yourself slut

-how does Matthews dick taste whore

-i saw your nudes today, now I'm thinking of killing myself you're gross

-do Mullingar a favor and swallow some pills

-if I pay you will you do me? Lol course you will

-tbh, you're a slut

-the world hates you

-you're ugly as hell

-saw your profile pic and threw up.

There were many comments just like that. A tear fell onto my glasses and I quicky took them off. I exited out of and shoved my phone in my bag. I tried my hardest not to cry but I couldn't help it. Tears rolled down my face and I couldn't control them. I buried my face in my hands and cried silently. No body noticed. Even if they did they wouldn't care. Nobody cares. Nobody ever will.

Niall's POV:

We pulled up to the OBrien's house and parked in their massive driveway. I got out of the car and opened up the back seat for my mum.

"Thanks love, oh let me fix your tie!" My mum grabbed my tie and fiddled with it.

"Okay mum that's enough!" I playfully shoved her away.

"Oh Niall I'm sorry. It's just so good to have ye back. Everyone really missed you."

"Yeah right" I said quietly to myself. We walked into the OBrien's door and were greeted with loud clapping.

"Lady's and Gentleman we have a celebrity in our midst! Mullingars own Niall Horan of One Direction!" Mr.obrien yelled. Everybody cheered and took pictures. My face turned bright red.

"Thank you thank you everybody! I'm still the same old cheeky lad you grew up knowing, there's no need for special treatment." I said looking at everyone. Just then a girl walked in. She had on an outfit that was completely underdressed for this event. She wore a denim romper with white chucks and a colorful hobo bag. Her hair was braided back into a fishtail braid. A few girls looked at her and laughed. She quickly put her head down. Another girl standing next to her put her arm around her, then she left when a boy came up and kissed her passionitly.

"Niall come here there's someone I want you to meet." My mum pointed to a table full of girls that looked around 16-18. I slowly walked over while eying the fishtail girl out of the corner of my eye.

"Hi, I'm Sammantha" one of the girls at the table said. She was one of the girls that laughed at Fishtail girl.

"Oh hey, I'm um Niall"

"I know! You're in one direction! And you're my favorite! Ehmagawd you are so sexy. I can't believe I'm talking to you! Can I like totally Instagram this? Selfie timee! Gurls get in this shiz"

Soon I was surrounded my ditzy girls begging for selfies. Part of me hoped Fishtail wouldn't come over here because I don't want her to be like one of these girls but then again I really wanted to talk to her. She sat lonely in a corner with her headphones in. She had on about thirty million bracelets which I thought was really cute. I thought she was really cute. The way strands of hair fall out of her braid and she tucks them behind her ears is just too cute. I couldn't help but stare. She was so god damn beautiful. I was snapped out of my stated own when my phone started buzzing. The screen read Daddy Payne. I excused myself from the girls and went outside.

"Hey Liam whatsup" I was glad to hear a loving voice.

"Nun much just missing my nialler" Liam said laughing. "What you up too your first night back in Mullingar?"

"At a family friends party, just took about a thousand selfies with ditzy fans. How bout ye?"

"Relaxing with my old man, watching some fútbol."

"Sweet man! Have you checked on styles, Lou, or Dj Malik yet?"

"Yup I called them all, Perry picked up zayns phone. He's at her place showering. Harry's out with Gemma getting froyo and Lou's with Elle and his family at the theatre."

"I think I'll call them later but I should get back in there my mums at the door calling me in"

"Alright Niall keep in touch!"

We exchanged our goodbyes and hung up. I went to the door to see what my mum wanted. She told me she just wanted her phone out of the car so I went outside again to go get it. When I turned around fishtail girl wasn't in her chair anymore. I shook my head and went outside. I walked down the long driveway and opened my car door. Once grabbing the phone I shut the door and was about to go inside when I heard crying. I looked around to see where it was coming from. It was getting dark now and I could see anybody near by.

"Hello, is anybody here?" I said loudly. In a white escalade next to me a girl lifted her head. Her face was tear stained and her eyes were red. Then I noticed who it was. It was fishtail girl. I tapped on the glass and she rolled the window down.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I said sincerely worried.

"Why do you care? You're a big time celebrity since when do you care about some local girls feelings?" Ouch.

"I care about any and everyone's feelings. Now open the door, let's walk."

Brystals POV:

"My names Brystal. Sorry for the rude greeting. It's just...I'm not used to people being, nice to me." It pained me to even talk.

"Hey I know the feeling. So what's the matter love? He sounded sincere.

"Well, where do I start? My life's a mess. I make one mistake and I'm the sluttiest girl in Ireland I guess. I try so hard to impress everyone and make friends but nothing works. I cry myself to sleep, I cut myself, I skip school, I hide out in my room and nobody can tell I'm hurting. No one cares! Everyone is so stuck up their asses they can't even tell that I'm struggling to even stay alive! Sammantha. Oh Sammantha. She feels the need to torture me day in and day out. Even outside of school she finds a way to ruin my life. I hate her! You wanna know why I left the party? Sammantha came up to me and said; I saw Niall looking at you. I know you saw him. If you so much as look at him I will make you wish you weren't born slut. Niall's mine. You can take your ugly fucking slutty ass somewhere else because no one wants you here. Why do you even bother leaving your house? No, why do you even bother breathing. Leave bitch, now.

I have no clue why she even said that. You probably weren't even looking at me. I'm too ugly and worth less for you or for anybody!" I was bawling again. I stood still with my head buried in my hands. I had no clue why I just vented all me issues to him. He probably wishes he never talked to me, just like everyone else I've met. Then I felt warm hands around me. I looked up and saw Niall was hugging me. I slowly hugged back. I was kind of unsure at first but then I just gave in and held him close and tightly. I held him like I've never been held before. I continued to cry.

"Do you ever just feel worthless? Like you want to kill yourself?" Niall asked me. This caught me off gaurd. I always thought famous people had it perfect. I guess not.

"Yes, yes every day." I said between sobs. Niall held me tighter. It was a weird feeling. I felt warmer and I had butterflies. I've never felt this way. When Niall started to let go I felt a sad disappointing feeling. I looked him in the eyes and he looked in mine. He started to lean in. Oh god, I thought. I closed my eyes to prepare for the kiss but he passed my lips and went to my ear.

"Call me." He says before walking off wiping his tear stained face with his sleeve.

Shit. I didn't have his number or anything. But somehow I knew this wouldn't be the last time we talked, or at least I hoped it wouldn't.

Brystals POV:

It's been three days since I met Niall. I couldn't get him off my mind. I found myself doodling his name on everything. I even bought all of One Directions albums. I rewinded Niall's solos in almost every song. I've never met a guy who was so accepting and understanding. Though we only talked for a short time it felt like forever. He really left a mark on me.

I walked out of my room and went downstairs to get a cup of tea. As I walked in the kitchen my mum kissed me forehead. She was on the phone with someone.

"Yes yes I know! It must be so hard for him. All those fake friends. Poor Niall." My mum said shaking her head. I immediately turned my attention to her.

"Mum who is that?" I mouthed to her.

"He held the phone away and said quietly 'mrs.horan'. My heart beat sped up rapidly.

"Can I talk to her please mum!" I reached for her cell without waiting for an answer.

"Hello Mrs.Horan, this is Brystal, Susan's daughter. Is Niall home by any chance?"

"No love he's out with his brother Greg. I'll give you his number and you can ring him okay?"

YES YES YES, I thought to myself. She gave me his number which I quickly entered into my phone. I said thank you and handed the phone back to my mum. Forgetting my tea I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I sat at the edge of my bed with my hand on the call button.

Come on Brystal, don't be a pussy. He said call him, just push call; I repeated to myself. Finally I pushed the call button. I put my iphone to my ear and listened. One ring, two rings, he picked up on the third.

"This is Niall." He sounded sad.

Niall's POV:

I picked up my phone. It was an unknown number.

"This is Niall." I said into my phone.

"Um hey, it's uh Brystal, from the uh party." My face lit up.

"Oh um hey."

"You said I should call you. So I uh did." She laughed nervously.

"I'm glad you did."

She laughed nervously again.

"Do you mind me asking how you got my number though?"

"Your mum and my mum must be friends. They were on the phone and I asked your mum for it."

A smile spread across my face. Thanks mum.

"Do you want to um hangout sometime?" I said quietly hoping Greg didn't hear.

"YES! I mean um sure." She cleared her throat. I tried hard to hold back my laughing.

"Okay, I'll um text you"

"Okay, uh bye."

"Bye love" I said before hanging up.

I can't believe she had actually called. A million thoughts started racing through my head. When can I see her again?

"Niall you ready to head out?" Greg said.

I guess that answers my question. I pulled out my phone and began to text her.

-hey, can I take u out tonight?

I waited for a response. It didn't take long.

-course :)

-pick u up in an hour!

-can't wait ;)

I locked my phone and punched the air screaming yes. The whole restaurant turned to me. A little girl yelled loudly; MUM THATS NIALL HORAN!

Shit. Me And Greg ran out of the restaurant and to his car parked in the back. We were met at the door my paparazzi snapping pics.

"Niall is it true you got kicked out of one direction?" "Do you think you're the ugliest member of one direction?" "how do you deal with being the worst singer in the band?" "Niall is is sad not being able to get a girlfriend?"

The paparazzi kept throwing insults at me. All the flashing lights and rude comments got into my head. I could feel tears starting to form.

"Aye fuck off! Leave my brother alone!" Greg yelled loudly. He pushed his way through the paparazzi and we hurried to the car. Once inside I buried my head in my lap. I thought coming home would give me a break from the rumors and hate but clearly not. It follows me everywhere.

"It's okay Niall, what the hell do they know?" Greg said angrily. I lifted my head up and wiped my face. Greg turned on the radio. Story of My Life came on. It was on my verse.

'Written in these walls are the colors that I can not change'

It didn't sound like me. We soon arrived home and I immediately walked to my car.

"Tell mum I'll be back" I yelled to Greg.

I pulled out my phone and texted Brystal.

-I'll be there in 10, what's the address?

She texted it back and I left. The drive was silent. Besides the one song I kept replaying, Old School Love by Lupe Fiasco. Once infront of her house I texted her saying 'here'. After about five minutes she walked out. He Mum chased behind her as she tried to hurry to my car. I rolled the window down to hear what she was saying.

"Mum leave! No he doesn't wanna talk to you. Go!" He yelled back. I quietly laughed.

"Wait love let me fix your hair! There's something on your shirt!" Her mum said struggling to keep up. Brystal quickly jumped into the front seat.

"Drive!" She yelled. But it was too late. Her mum was at the car window.

"Hello Niall! I'm Susan Taylor, Brystals mum! What are you guys planning on doing tonight?"

Brystal groaned hiding her face. That made me smile.

"Were gonna hit the theatre and get something to eat if that's okay." I said back smiling.

"Course it is! You guys be safe. Brystal lift your head up." She did and her mum licked her fingers and wiped Brystals face.

"Yuck! Bye mum." She yelled

"Bye Mrs.Taylor, we won't be gone long." I said rolling up the window and driving away.

"Oh god how embarrassing." Brystal said looking at me with her bangs in her face. She looked so beautiful.

"Don't worry about it." I said laughing. I finally got a good look at her. She was wearing a white tight crop top with a black leather skater shirt and white pumps on. She had red lipstick on. My type of girl. "You look beautiful I said looking in her eyes. She looked down quickly.

"Thank you." She said shyly.

"So where are we going?" I said smirking.

"What? You're asking me?" She laughed.

"I'm guessing you don't know either!" I said chuckling. " don't worry I've got someplace in mind." We drove for about twenty minutes jamming out to One Direction. It was cute how she tried to do everyone's voice. I loved how she opened up so quickly. Soon we pulled up to a parking lot. I parked in a empty space and got out to open her door.

"Why thank you kind sir" she smiled grabbing my hand.

"Were both kind of over dressed for this place but we'll be fine."

I didn't let go of her hand. I led her behind the trees and it opened up to a beach.

"This was my favorite spot in highschool. Me and my lads always came here to play guitar."

She looked at me and smiled. She let go of my hand knelt down and took off her heels. She held them in one hand and grabbed my hand with the other. We walked down the beach and talked about random things. Then she brought up the party.

"What did you mean by what you said at the party?" She asked looking at the water, avoiding my eyes. I could feel my heart drop.

"Being famous isn't all fun and games. There's hate. Lots of it: people saying things to you. Terrible things. Telling me to kill myself. Threatening to kill me and my family. It gets to you. You start believing everything they say like you're terrible and you don't deserve to live. And then you feel useless."

"I know what that's like. But Niall let me tell you, you're the most amazing guy ive ever met. You're very talented and you're so sweet and caring. I've seen your twitter. The shit people tweet to you is terrible. I don't get how people and be that.. Mean." She wrapped her arms around my torso and buried her head in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her neck kissing the top of her head.

"Oh look who it is. Slut bag and-- Niall?!" We both looked over an saw Sammantha.

"Shit" Brystal said backing up. I put my arm around her shoulder.

"What did you just call her?" I said sternly to Sammantha.

"Oh um nothing Niall. It's fate that we met again." She said smiling and reaching out for a hug. I ignored her and turned to Brystal an asked if she's okay.

"What are you doing with this bitch Niall? I'm rich and hot! Date me!" Sammantha yelled stomping he foot into the sand. "Stupid slur I told you to stay away from him! You're going to regret this!" She turned her attention to Brystal.

"Hey!" I yelled at her. "Keep away from her and stay the hell away from me." I pulled Brystal away towards the car.

"Thanks Niall." She said quietly. I stopped and looked at her, I looked in her eyes and we just stared at each other. After about five seconds I leaned in and kissed her red lips. When we pulled away she put her hand around my torso and we made our way back to the car.

Brystals POV:

I opened the door to my house and peeked in.

"Coast is clear" I said pulling Niall in. We ran up the stairs and into my room. I quickly shut the door and locked it. Niall walked over to my albums and put in Midnight Memories.

"You're a fan I see" he winked at me. My butterflies soon returned. "What's your favorite song?"

"Um, Strong." I said walking to me bed and laying down"

"Mine too!" He walked over to my bed. "Mind if I join you?" He said beaconing to the bed. I said no and he removed his dress shoes and sat down. I self consciously pulled me skirt down.

"You can change if you'd like. I prefer sweatpants to leather skirts anyway." He smiled warmly at me. Oh his smile. I smiled back and got up. I walked into my closet and found a pair of cozy cute sweat pants and a shirt that had a galaxy cat on it. I walked to the bathroom and changed. I took out my contacts and put on my glasses. He tied my long brown hair up in a messy bun and took off all my makeup.

"Brace yourself!" I yelled out the door. He laughed. I walked out and Niall's eyes opened wide.

Niall's POV:

She walked out and I couldn't believe my eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous even with out makeup. I sat up on her bed and motioned for her to come sit. She slowly made her way over and sat On the edge of her bed. I scooted behind her and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. I could feel her flinch.

"Don't be nervous" I whispered into her ear. She turned to look at me and I kissed her soft lips. Just a gentle kiss, then I pulled away. She stood up, turned around, and sat down straddling me on the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled.

"Niall." She said quietly.

"Yes?" I replied.

"I don't want this night to end." She said this with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I leaned in and kissed her softly again.

"It's not over yet, love"

She put her hands on my tuxedo jacket and slowly pulled it off. Then she laid me down and began to pull off her shirt.

"Woah, Brystal. You don't have to do this so soon." I grabbed her shirt and pulled it down.

"Well I know it's what you want" she smiled.

"Noo Brystal, that's not what I want so soon. I want it to be special for us." Her smile turned into a frown. She got up off me and sat with her knees to her chest.

"You don't want me?" She said with a tear rolling down her face.

"No I do! It's just, I don't want to rush into sex. You know?" I laid my hand on her shoulder. I lifted her head out of her knees and kissed her forehead.

"You'll never have to rush into sex to have me. You're my girl now and sex isn't my main priority. I don't know what kind if men you've been with but I'm not like them. I won't use you. I know you've been hurt before, I can see it in your eyes. But I promise you, you'll never be hurt again if you stay with me." Another tear rolled down her face.

"I'm your girl now?" She sniffled.

"Only if you want to be." I smiled warmly. She looked at me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I hugged her back and gave her a kiss on her bare cheek. We laid back down and she soon began to dosed off . I got up called my mum and undressed then joined her back in bed. She put her arm around my waist and she soon fell asleep.

Brystals POV:

I woke up to the smell of fresh bacon and pancakes. I turned to my left and found Niall, my boyfriend, was gone. Wow it felt good to call him my boyfriend. Mine. And not Samantha's. I slowly got up, stretched, and made my way to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and headed downstairs where laughter filled my usually dull kitchen.

"And then Harry said to Perrie, are you sure you're not a platypus and it wasn't funny at all which made it totally hilarious because Harry could not stop laughing!" My whole family cracked up, even my boring old square dad.

"Oh hey love" my mum said I between laughs.

"Good morning lovely." Niall said getting up walking over to me. He kissed my forehead and my whole family broke out in "aweeeeesssss". I turned bright red and smiled at Niall.

"I woke up early, I thought I'd let my princess sleep in and is get to know the family." He winked at me.

"It think they like you." I whispered.

"Why do you think so?" He whispered back.

"Because they haven't grounded me for having a boy stay over without permission yet." I giggled. Punching Niall slightly in the arm.

We made our way back over to the table and sat across from each other. My mum served me a plate and gave me a kiss on the head. She leant down and whispered "what a fit lad he is aye. Better keep him" I looked at her and she winked at me.

We are breakfast and told old stories and for once I actually felt like I belonged in this family. Jackson and Niall bonded over sports and music just like Baylors boyfriend and Jackson did. My mum and dad were kinder to me and asked about how I was doing. It felt nice to feel...wanted. Occasionally Niall, Jackson and my dad would yell some sports reference and Niall would look at me and shake his fists. My mum, Baylor and I would just laugh. When everyone finished eating we mostly went out separate ways. Mum and dad went off to work. Jackson went his mates house. Baylor watched tv and waited for Andrew to arrive and Niall sat in my room listening to music and watching The Bachelor while I showered and got ready for the day. Niall wanted me to meet his mum so I thought long an hard on what to wear. I decided on a right above the knee floral dress with a cute bow on the back, my long hair pulled back into an Ariana Grande styled doo. I chose tan pumps and applied light makeup. I walked out of the bathroom and went to Niall. He was busy watching the bachelor.

"No Spencer send Brandy home!" He shouted at the tv. I giggled and slapped his arm.

"Ready?" I smiled. He nodded yes and we got up to leave.

"Woah Brystal you look hot!" Andrew, my sisters annoying boyfriend yelled as we went downstairs. Niall's face hardened. Baylor slapped Andrew across the face. I said thanks and told Baylor I'd be back later. I got into Niall's range rover and apologized for Andrews comment.

"Nah you're good love. as long as he isn't competition." He winked and stared the car.


As I drove I occasionally looked over at my incredibly sexy girlfriend in the passenger seat. She looked out the window and sang along to the radio. I grabbed her free hand and we drove like that, hand in hand. Soon we were infront if my house.

"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded yes and I got out the car and opened her door. I grabbed her hand and led her into my home.

"Mum I'm home," I yelled "Will you come down here?"

My mum ran down stairs in a robe and gasped.

"Who is this gorgeous girl? Niall. Is this your honey?" She put her hands over her mouth.

"Yes mum. Her names Brystal." I grabbed Brystals waist.

My mum came froward and took Brystal in a large embrace.

"Oh you look lovely!" She said to me.

"Thank you so much." Brystal blushed.

While they talked I took off my jacket. I grabbed Brystals waist from the back and kissed her cheek. Talk about a perfect moment.

"Niall, what are those marks on your arm?" My mum said yanking it.

My stomach dropped, I completely forgot about my scars.


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