The Girl and The Prejudice

Jenna is a geeky 17 year old who can't help but strive to fit it. On a trip to London, The United Kingdom, she finds something that can help her fit in; a Louis Vuitton dress! She lets down her hair and tosses the glasses, and everyone loves her. But, maybe the glasses are a huge need, because while walking she trips over a rock, which she could have seen with glasses. When Jenna wakes up she finds herself in 1855! What will Jenna do when she's told that she's royalty? She's faced with a problem, helping Henna, a girl who lives in the castle, marry the boy she loves.
Inspired by the book Prada and Prejudice.


1. Chapter 1: The girl

Jenna Knoxborne.

Jenna pov

I looked around the streets of London, admiring all the big dress shops, and the strange people. "Excuse me!" Someone exclaimed as the bumped into me, causing my red hair to flop in my face and my glasses to tilt slightly. "S-Sorry.." I whispered quietly.

I moved my hair out of my face and looked up to see Mandy. "Aw, Jenna," She grabbed my hands. "You poor, poor girl. You're ugly, nerdy, and covered in coffee." I stared at her blankly. "Mandy, I'm not covered in coffee.." I whispered. She smiled an evil, sinister smile. "Not yet." And as if on cue, her grip on my hands tightened and before I knew it, my grey shirt and blue shorts were covered in coffee.

I yanked my hands away and looked up at her, holding back the tears that were threatening to come out. "M-Mandy!" I clenched my fists and turned around and ran off. I heard the teacher call after me, but I didn't stop. My grey vans thumped across the paved ground and tears poured from my eyes. I stopped at a nearby shop and fell to the ground and began to sob.

I yanked off my glasses and wiped my eyes, silently thanking God I chose today to not wear makeup. I looked up with squinty eyes and saw a boy offering his hand to me. I couldn't make out the face but I took his hand and shakily stood up. "Aw, love..." He began to say. He had an accent, he wasn't anyone I knew. "You're soaked." He reached out and wiped away some more tears, took my glasses, and placed them on my face.

I almost fainted when I saw his face. 'He's gorgeous..' I thought to myself. "T-Thank you.." I looked at the ground to see my pale legs we're slightly browned with coffee. He took my arm and pulled me into the shop. "We need to get you something new, and lovely, right?" I blinked and nodded. He left me standing there for a second or two before coming back with five beautiful dresses. "These are all designer dresses, there's Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Sean John." He lunged them at me. "You seem like you're a size 2, so I grabbed that size." I nodded and walked into the dressing room.

I pulled off my shirt and shorts and slipped on the first dress. It was a Prada one, it fit awkwardly and the color looked weird with my hair. I took it off and hung it back on the hook.

I had tried on four dresses and didn't like them. I sighed and grabbed the last dress, pulling it over my head and zipping it up. I turned to face the mirror and was shocked.

The dress showed my curves nicely, it complimented my red hair, since it was a navy blue color. On the left side it had a flowy sleeve that went down on my arm, and on the right side it was sleeveless. It was beautiful.

I walked out of the dressing room, feeling my cheeks heat up when the mystery boy smiled at me. "Beautiful!" He took my hand and spun me. "I grabbed some dark blue flats for you too." He bent down and placed them on the floor. I stepped into them and smiled, showing my braces for the first time. "T-Thanks.. But how will I pay for this..?" I frowned and turned back to the dressing room before the boy took my arm. "It's on me, no worries." I felt my eyes widen when I turned back to face him. "But-" I was cut off when he took off my glasses and the beanie I was wearing.

He called over a tall, lanky girl with blonde hair and green eyes. "Will you curl her hair please, Lexie?" The blonde girl nodded and got to work, using what she called a wand on my hair.

When they we're finished with my makeup and hair, I got to look in a mirror. I almost didn't recognize myself. I looked... I looked like a Mandy. I smiled and turned to the boy and hugged him. "Thank you." I whispered in his ear. He pulled back and smiled. "I'm Harry, and you are?" I took his hand and shook it. "Jennifer, most just call me Jenna." He smiled once again. "Come back again if you ever need anything!" He called as I was walking out the door.

When I got back to where my class was everyone stared at me. I smiled and looked at them. "Jenna?" Mandy looked at me with wide eyes. "You look... You look beautiful!" Before I knew it I had a crowd of people around me. We turned to walk to a cafe nearby, but before I knew it, I was falling.

The last thing I saw was the ground getting closer. I felt a scream come out of my mouth as my head banged against something hard. And then, everything got dark.

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