Larissa Jones has dreams of a boy, a boy she's never met. Every night would be a new fantasy in this perfect relationship. Dates to restaurants; watching the sunset or drives into the middle of nowhere. It was perfect and he was perfect too. Dark brown ringlets framed his face and bottomless green eyes that she could stare into forever.

But when Larissa goes to see a fortune teller for fun with her friend and the fortune teller magically recites everything in her dreams-that she’s going to meet a boy in a couple of years, with brown curls and green eyes and will go on wonderful and romantic dates with, she starts to unravel that maybe these aren’t just dreams, but visions into the future, her whole world changes.

How will she meet this boy? She finally stops delving into her dreamland of books long enough to make the connection that this boy isn’t just some recurring perfection, he’s Harry Styles and with millions of fans worldwide (after doing some research), how will she meet


2. Today Is Going to be Fun.

‘Rissy! Rissy! Rissy wake up!’

I groaned, not at all pleased to be woken in my perfect slumber.

‘What?!’ I mumbled back.

‘Jess is here-you were going shopping today remember?’ my mum sighed.

‘Argh!’ I shouted, remembering what we had planned, ‘tell her I’ll be down in a second!’

I ran to my bathroom and then decided against having a shower as looking at the clock and it blinking at me 10.37am, I realised it would be too time consuming. I brushed my teeth, did my business (not that you really need to know about that), picked out my clothes, and got dressed in approximately three minutes before grabbing a bag and rushing downstairs. I tripped on the stairs and tumbled down a few in my speedy haste.

‘Sorry everyone-I overslept,’ I said whilst catching my breath and sitting down next to Jess who was trying to make her quiet sniggering discreet in my funny attempt of getting down the stairs.

I elbowed her in the waist as she flinched. She giggled as I tickled her.

‘You’re so childish,’ I muttered, laughing a bit myself.

‘Me?’ she gaped in mock horror, ‘I’m not the one who is tickling me! That is so last year Larry.’

We both burst out laughing.

‘Girls, girls,’ my mum tut loudly but she was only joking, she loves Jess to bits. Jess is like her second daughter.

Jess and me have known each other thirteen years. We first met on the first day of school and she was playing with the dolls in the dollhouse. I saw one of them, a Barbie in a pink swimming costume and light pink heels (I bet she must have broke her neck walking around in them by the pool). I knew straight away I wanted it so I marched over and snatched it.

‘Hey!’ she protested and I bonked her on the head with the doll and burst out laughing. I admit it was mean on my behalf but it was really, really funny. Eventually she ended up seeing the funny side too once she’d stopped bawling her eyes out as I was called to the Headmasters office. She was sitting there with a cold piece of tissue pressed over her forehead. Once we were out of there with only a telling off from the Headmaster to me, she turned to me and said and I quote, ‘you’re funny; I like you.’ And that ladies and gentlemen, was the start of a very beautiful friendship. We’re like sisters, her and me. She knows everything about me and we can tell each other anything. There isn’t a secret she doesn’t know.

Once when I was on my period (don’t deny it ladies, it’s a part of mother nature), she knocked on my door in the morning with a bag full of chocolate and a bunch of Disney films because she knew I was due on that day. She’s a legend. Her coming round actually reminded me that nasty ‘ol Momma Natty was arriving on my doorstep and I went and did my… thing (okay, we’ve established that you don’t need to know).

Today was supposed to be a her-and-me sort of thing. Well, it still is. It’s sort of a tradition, every month or so we would do something together. It varies to be honest, last month this new zombie action movie was playing at the cinema and we really wanted to watch it so we went there, had some lunch then had a sleepover.

Okay, don’t laugh, we still have sleepovers, we’re both 17 but we really don’t want to give up the 13 year old façade we’ve kept for the past four years. I sort of have an idea on where I want to go with my life and that’s fashion. Passion for fashion as Bratz would say! In about four months time I’ve been offered an apprenticeship for Vogue in the journalist section and to say I’m excited is an understatement! This is the ultimate fashion magazine and my one shot. I’m still studying at college a little while yet and hopefully will either go onto university to get a degree in fashion or if Vogue thinks I’m good enough then they will take me on full time!

My dad asking if we wanted any breakfast broke me out of my little daydream.

‘No thank you, Mr Jones,’ Jess said politely.

‘No thanks dad,’ I replied.

‘Jess, call me Richard I insist, and are you sure?’

‘’Course dad, I think if I’m reading Jess’ mind correctly we’re going to McDonalds and pig out,’ everyone laughed with me.

‘Yeah, you did read correctly because I’m sick of my mums stupid healthy eating regime. Our cupboards have been stocked full with granola bars and low fat milkshakes for the past two weeks and its driving me insane!’ she ranted on and I laughed at her gesticulating wildly as she did so.

‘Come on,’ I beckoned her over with my hand, ‘lets get you to McDonalds before you eat my whole arm off, you’re already drooling at my hand,’ I joked.

‘Yeah yeah, very funny-you wouldn’t be joking if you were in my position.’

‘Bye mum; bye dad!’ I called out as I was closing the door.
‘Bye Mr and Mrs Jones,’ Jess called out just as I shut it.

‘Well, that was rude,’ she said to me as we started walking down the street.

‘Oh hush up,’ I waved her off.

Today we were going shopping. We live in London so we were near big shopping centres and high streets galore. Earlier in the week a new shop had opened up on Oxford Street and we wanted to check it out. Basically it was just an excuse to restock our wardrobes on pretty much unneeded clothes.

‘Hey I almost forgot!’ she called out randomly.

‘What?’ I asked her.

‘One Directions new song came out yesterday!’ she squealed.

‘Who?’ I asked, really confused.

‘One Direction-you don’t know who-’ she stopped herself before having a panic attack. I’m guessing they were a band of some sorts, ‘One Direction are a band that I always go on about! You know, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall?’

‘No, but I’m going to go along with it and say I do just to please you,’ I gave her that look that says please-just-continue-and-get-this-over-with and she sighed.

‘Well, anyway,’ continuing on as if I hadn’t just told her I don’t know who they are, ‘their new song came out and its called Live While We’re Young and I’m so excited because I wonder what the video will be like and….’

She continued on for the rest of the journey whilst I inwardly banged my head against a brick wall. I love her to bits but she got so obsessed so quickly. I decided to be a good friend and just listen and nod when I think I should. If she carries on like this today is going to be fun….
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