One Direction Imagines

Well, I will be writing 1D imagines can apply in the comments.
Can you fill in these details in the comments? :
Which boy:
what do you want to happen:


3. Olivia and Louis

Olivia's Pov

I am soooo excited! I'm going to One Direction's concert today.I'll get to see them live!I thought as I finished putting on my make-up. I glanced at my watch, I'm gonna be late! Uh- oh. I rushed out pf the house, to my car.

Skip car ride

Wow! Girls crowded around everywhere, screaming. I rolled my eyes. A group of girls rushed past me. '' Ow!" Really? How rude are people these days? i huffed loudly. To my surprise, a hand reached out to help me up.'' Are you alright, sweetheart?" ( Hope the endearments thing is ok.) A voice said. Hmmm....He has a british accent... I thought. I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up. When I turned my head intending to thank him, I froze. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction...  I stared at him, speechless. Louis chuckled, '' Yeah, a lot of people have that reaction to me.'' I snapped out of it and said '' Thanks for helping me. '' I mean, he wouldn't want to talk to me,would he? I was just turning to go when he pulled me close and... kissed me? Huh? What...? We broke apart and Louis started dragging me towards an alley nearby. '' Follow me.''

Pushing me into the alley, he kissed me repeatedly ( Is this alright?) until we were both gasping. When he had caught his breath, Louis said '' Sorry love, I couldn't help myself. There's just something about you...'' He trailed off. I nodded blankly. Louis Tomlinson kissed me?! Then, he pulled me close and whispered, '' Will you be my girlfriend?'' I recovered from my shock and replied '' Of course, Louis.'' But I still don't understand. Why me? He had so many girls to choose from. This was all ao sudden...

8 years later

Louis' Pov

I looked at my wife happily. We had two children. A boy and a girl. Johnathan and Louise. The day I had met Olivia, I knew she was special and that we were meant to be. You could say it was love at fist sight, or call it fate, some might say it was destiny. But whatever it was, I know that Olivia and I will always be together.


Hope you liked it. :)


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