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9. Mathilde and Harry

Mathilde's POV

"Mathilde! Come on, we're late!" Harry yelled from downstairs. Going somewhere with him really was an issue, he never wants to be late. But we still have time to go to the pet shop. Yeah, we had time, plus, it's not like we have an appointment or something, right?

"I'm ready!" I said, running down the stairs. He looked at me and shook his head. "What?"

"You're weird. Really weird. You weren't ready like five minutes ago." He said, opening the front door so we can both get out of his house.

"Yeah right. Well I can be fast, mister. I'm younger than you, so yes, I am faster." I annoyed him, while I opened the door of his car and got in. "Now drive." I ordered.

"I will. Don't worry about anything, because I'll drive faster than you think I can." He said, smirking. He started the car.

"I think you can drive like a snail, so you probably will drive like a turtle." I said, teasing him. He looked at me, raising his brows. "What? I'm being reasonable."

At the shop

"Would you like to buy a pet?" The man, whom works here, asked us. Harry and I nodded. "A cat, a dog, or a hamster?" I looked at Harry. We've been arguing about this for a few days, but finally we decided to buy a dog. Yeah, I won.

"A cat." Harry smirked. My eyes widened and I looked at him.

"No, a dog. And this conversation is over." I warned Harry. He chuckled and nodded, knowing that I'll win anyways.

"Any special breed?" The man asked us. I always admired small looking dogs, like chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers, and I thought of bringing one. Yorkshire terriers were just too cute and they were funny. I heard that they act stupid sometimes but they're really smart.

"Yeah. Yorkshire terrier?" I asked. The man nodded and left us alone, while he probably went to bring us the puppy. I turned to Harry. "So who are you buying this to? And why did you ask for my opinion?"

"To you." He simply said. My eyes widened. "Yeah, you. You always loved pets, right? Well, dogs. And so I brought it." He stated. I hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much, Haz!" I thanked him, pulling away. He smiled.

"You should know something, by the way."

"Like what?" I asked. 

"The puppy will love you." He said. I rolled my eyes at him, then decided to play along.

"I know, I know. I'm loveable! Duh." I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. Harry smirked. "Stop smirking, Harold. Or I'll kill you in your sleep. Yeah, I will. I can do that." He chuckled and looked at me.

"Fine. The puppy will love you but I'll love you more." He said, leaning in to kiss me.



Hello! I'm Hana, the co-author. I'm twelve and, that's it. We will be writing in an order, I think. Well, it's basically if we have time to write (which I do have). So yeah, I hope you liked this!

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