One Direction Imagines

Well, I will be writing 1D imagines can apply in the comments.
Can you fill in these details in the comments? :
Which boy:
what do you want to happen:


13. Lanna and Liam

Lanna's P.O.V

Today Liam said he was taking me some where but I don't know where! He told me to dress causal so I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. When I was do I put on some jeans and a cute pink top. I leave my hair down and put a little bit o make up on. I put on some flats because I don't like to wear high heels and grabbed my phone. I checked myself in the mirror then the door bell rang. I went over to the door and answered it. It was Liam and he had a rose in his hand. I smiled.

"Aw! Thank you!" he gave me the rose and I sat it down on a nearby table.

"You look beautiful like always." he said and I looked down to blush. He reach out his hand so I can take it and I did. He lead me to his car and we were off. It felt like hours until we came to where he was taking me. He pulled up to a park. He turned off the car and got out of the car. He came around my side and opened it for me. I smiled and thanked him. He walked me to where a little picnic was set up.

"Aw! Liam, this is so sweet!" he smiled and we sat down. We ate what was in the basket and just sat and talk. That was the best thing about Liam. You could just sat down with him and just be yourself. We got up after awhile and went back to his car. Like always he opens the door for me. I get in and he closes the door for me. He gets in and starts the car. He takes me home and we kiss. It wasn't a deep or passionate but sweet. "Thank you, Liam. I loved that." I said.

"Your welcome, Lanna. I'll talk to you later?" he asked. I nodded. He gave me one more kiss and I got out. I watch him leave. 

A/N sorry this is short but I hope you liked it! 


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