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12. Grace and Harry

Grace's POV

How is that possible? Am I hallucinating or dreaming? Am I really seeing that picture? I zoomed in to see if it was a photoshop or not, but it was real. All over the internet. He couldn't do that, he promised he wouldn't, but he did. He broke my heart. He kissed that Taylor Swift girl and the paparazzi's photographed it and now it's all over the internet. 

I locked my phone and threw it on the bed angrily, so it jumped and fell on the floor. I didn't even care about picking it up, if it's broken, good, because I don't have all our pictures together anymore! I left the hotel room and walked angrily towards Louis' room. Instead of knocking, I swiped the car and got in, since I had his key card. I forgot to give it to him the other day. My eyes widened as I saw Louis and Eleanor in the room, doing... Uh... I'd rather not say it.

"Sorry!" I apologized quietly and got out. I closed the door and walked towards Niall's room. The thing I just saw was stuck in my head like the lyrics of my favourite song. It was clearly... Uncomfortable to see. I knocked on Niall's door, within seconds he opened the door with a bag of Doritos in his hand. I hugged him and pulled away, walking in. "Did you see it? I mean how could he? He wanted to keep our relationship secret until I'm eighteen and now he's back to that b****!" I yelled, frustrated.

"Yeah I know. It must have been painful to you." Niall pointed out, causing me to nod. The TV was on and some breaking news came on. It said that Taylor Sw- ugh! Even mentioning her name makes me want to puke! So it said that she wrote a new song called sweeter than fiction about her breakup with Harry. That b****! How could he still like her?! "She's a w***e. All she does is write bullshit about her exes. I can't understand what Harry saw in her, I mean-" Niall was cut off by someone barging in the room. Harry looked all worried and he breathed heavily. 

"Grace! I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened, I was just hanging out with my friend that appears to be hers too, and I saw her. We started arguing then she crashed her lips in mine. I'm sorry! I never wanted that to happen!" Harry said, out of breath. I shushed him by putting my fingers on his lips. "I... I... I love you." He said shakily. I didn't know wether I should believe him or not but I did. I gently pressed my lips on his, and he kissed back. I pulled away, hugging him.

"Ever since I met you, I loved you." I whispered. I kissed him again, but passionately. A few seconds later, he pulled away, smiling. "She wrote a song about you." 

"I don't care. All that I want is..." He said, taking something out of his pocket and bent on his leg. "To spend the rest of my life with you. Grace, will you marry me?" He proposed. A happy tear escaped my eye. I nodded, since no words could get out of my mouth. He got up and kissed me again, while I placed my hand on his shoulders. He pulled away. "Well of course, when you're eighteen." He joked. I laughed and hugged him.

I can't believe I'm spending the rest of my life with my lover, Harold Edward Styles!


Hope you liked it! 😆

Hana xx

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