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4. Donna and Liam

Donna's Pov

Ugly b****. No idea why Liam chose her to be his girlfriend. He deserves sooo much better.

Not again. As I stared at the screen, tears welled up in my eyes,threatening to fall. How could they do this day after day, month after month? I became Liam's girlfriend a few months ago. Since then the hate has never stopped coming. Why? I know Liam tries his best to stop them, but sometimes I just... I mean, what sort of fans are they if they can't even be happy for their idol? Just accept it, he's happy.

My phone buzzes. Liam. '' Liam, did you see -'' ''Yeah, are you alright? Just ignore them, they don't know about us.'' ( No joke intended. :p ) I sniffed a little '' I know but... '' '' Relax sweetheart. I'm sure the hate will stop - someday. I just hope it'll stop someday soon.'' Yeah, but what if it doesn't? '' Okay. Bye Liam, see you at 7 tonight.'' If only the hate would stop, then everything would be perfect. Ping! Another tweet. I try my best not to look, I really did, but I couldn't help myself. Like they say, curiosity killed the cat, I really shouldn't have looked.

Slut. You're only uusing Liam. Just go and die, it's not like anyone would miss you.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Three more tweets. Honestly, they contained things I don't even want to think about. I can't take this anymore. I'm going...

Skip to 8p.m.

Liam's Pov

Where is Donna? I've been waiting for an hour. Why doesn't she answer her phone? Something must be wrong. I walk towards Donna's house and see... What happened?! Two police cars were parked in front of her house. I wait until they go and enter her house. Her mother who looks distraught, greets me. '' Liam, have you seen Donna?'' '' No. What happened.'' '' Sh - she disappeared!'' cried her mother. Huh?! How?! Why?! I call the boys, '' Louis, Donna's disappeared. We have to find her. Meet you at her house in ten. Bring the boys.'' Meanwhile, I walk outside, waiting. It must have been all the hate she was getting. I bury my head in my hands. This is all my fault. I never should have put her in a situation liike this.

10 minutes later

The boys pulled up in front of Donna's house. '' Guys. I need your help. Search for Donna. I can't lose her.'' I said felling a chill run down my spine. They nodded and patted me on the back comfortingly. '' I'm sure we'll find her.'' Niall said.

Donna's Pov

I sit by the river. The water was so calm today, just the opposite of how I feel. This is my favourite place. Only Liam knows about this. This place was so peaceful. Rustle.. i turn around, who was that?!

Liam's Pov

I combed through the small ' forest ' nearby. Wait a second... Donna's favourite place. Of course. Why didn't I think of that sooner? I mentally smack myself. I run towards the river. The silhouette of a girl is by the bank, she looks so... lost and alone. I rush to her. '' Donna! '' She stands there, still.

Donna's Pov

Liam! A surge of happiness rushes through me. He runs towards me, arms outstretched. He hugs me tightly and buries his nose in my hair. '' We've been so worried. Everyone is going crazy. Your mum called the police. '' At that, I stiffened in shock. Called the police?! Then, I started crying, '' Liam the hate... '' '' I know baby. I know. We'll work it out together. Just come home. Please.'' I thought for a moment, the hate... Still, I have to be strong. Liam, my family and friends need me. I nodded.  he kissed me tenderly. ''I admire your courage.'' I smiled.

Liam's Pov

I really did admire her, she was so strong. What with all the hate and everything. We'll work everything out though, about the hate and stuff. I won't let this happen to her again, I swear...


I'm sooo sorry about the name- calling and stuff. I'm feeling guilty. I just hope you liked it.

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