One Direction Imagines

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17. Adriana and Niall

Adriana's POV

Finally! I'm so happy! It's Niall's and I's fifth anniversary and yet we've never broken up (hopefully). I love him so much and he's been there for me all the time. Sometimes I wish I continued my life with him forever but it's complicated... It's just a wish but I wanted it to be more than just a wish.

"Adriana!" Niall screamed. When did he get here?

"Niall? How did you- When- But-" He cut me off by kissing me on the lips, softly. I gladly kissed back, because I love him. He pulled away.

"Happy fifth anniversary, love." He said. I smiled at him.

"Happy anniversary Nialler."

"Okay so I have this important thing to tell you, and you have to listen really carefully, okay?" I nodded. "Good." He looked at me straight in the eyes. "I love you." I hit his arm playfully.

"I already knew that!" I joked.

"Oh you did! Damn! I wanted it to be a surprise..." He trailed off. I laughed at my boy's weirdness. "I got an idea! Come with me!" He took my wrist and walked towards our room, since we share a flat. He opened the door and let me in. "TADAAAA!"

"Wow." There were many white flowers on our bed, some pink ones that were shaped in a heart. When did he have time to do that? I swear I have the best boyfriend on the planet!

"You like it?" He asked.

"No." He frowned. Time to fix what I said! "I love it!"

"Really?" He smiled.

"Yes! When did you have time for all of that? When did you do all of that? I mean, it was-"

"Shhh..." He shushed me. He bent on his knee and took a box out of his left pocket.

"What?" I whispered to myself.

"Adriana, you are the love of my life. I loved you for five years now and I'll always love you. I even realized that I need to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you marry me?" He asked, his blue eyes full of hope.

"Yes, of course!" I nodded and hugged him, then I kissed him.

This is officially the best day of my life.

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