Trying To Run Away

"I killed my parents,how can you still love me?"

Those first four words........they destroyed my life.

I destroyed my life.

I destroyed my best friend's life.

I destroyed my aunt's life.

I destroyed my parents' lives.

I destroyed my boyfriend's life.

I did all of this.

I destroyed everything.

I'm a killer,and there's no going back.


1. Chapter 1

"Get in! Get in Now!!" My aunt screamed.

But I just sat in the middle of the bloody living room crying my eyes out.They have already turned red,till the point where they will never become white again.I dont feel like living after what I had just done.

Who would?

"GET IN! GET IN! MOTHER FUCK,Tetra! GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" My aunt screamed from the back door that was just a few steps behind me.

My best friend pulled me up from behind and supported me to the car.I just followed,crying and not knowing what to do.

I heard my aunt slam the door when she got into the front seat.I just lied there on the back seat,hugging my legs and crying my eyes out.

A screech on the gravel announced that  we were leaving the house.As we pulled into a turn,I heard  police sirens from a distant far place.

I cried harder and breathed in the scent of my parents blood on my white hoodie and jeans.My brown wavy hair was tinted in blood.

Darkness slowly consumed me and I fell asleep.



I woke up to find myself in a compfy bed and the snoring of my parents next door.

Thank god.It was just a nightmare.I sat up and looked around.

wooden floor?

wooden shelf?

one small round dirty window?

This is not my room.I looked at the thing that was generating heat beside me.

Oh! Maybe me and Ella had stayed a night at a hotel,but why though?

I shook Ella.


She stirred and turned towards me.

"Oh My God! Ella! Why do you have blood on your tank top! And why are we in a hotel? Do my parents know you kidnapped me?"

She sat up.

"Wait,you dont remember?"

"Remember what?"

Just then,my aunt burst into the room.My left eyebrow shot up in confusement.

"What-"I said but was cut of by my aunt,who was wearing a blood stained yellow tank top and blood stained grey shorts.

"We need to get ready to move,I stole someone's car keys already.Hurry!" Then she threw us some clothes.

I hurriedly stripped and pulled on the navy blue shirt and green shorts my aunt gave me.I started to fold my hoodie when I saw the stain.

Everything came rushing back to me.I killed my parents just yesterday and now we are on the run.

Ella grabbed my hand,knowing what I just realised and pulled me towards the door,yanking the hoodie and jeans out of my hands.

I got into the backseat of a posh,silver car and started to cry as my aunt pulled out of the parking space.

"I got us some money,alot of money actually,about a 100 grand actually.We are going to the nearest town and going to go shopping.We need to find a place to stay too.This car has a brochure for an auction.They need girls to auction themselves off for a month.Its only for the high societies so we have to dress formal and have to pay 300$ each to enter.We auction ourselves,and we get a place to stay! So..find some nice high class clothes to wear okay?"

Silence followed.

I killed my parents,

my aunt and best friend helped me escape,

we are going to sell ourselves to rich pervert men for a month

and I'm crying in the backseat.

I wonder what awaits us.


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